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PFE Trade Update + ‘SNL’ Could Have TSLA Fans Saying ‘WTF’

In case you missed it, yesterday I gave you my favorite trade idea of the week — long calls on Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), which initially looked ripe to generate the kind of asymmetric returns I’m hunting in this service.

New Trade Rec: Make 100%-Plus on 2021’s Hottest Stock

As promised, today I’m giving you my next favorite Profit Takeover trade idea… It’s one that I feel meets my criteria, which includes:

Pulling Back the Curtains on the Buffett-Robinhood Beef

In this space so far, we’ve gone back to the basics with primers on bullish and bearish option buying, which is the bulk of my strategy in this service… In fact, you’ll get my next free trade idea tomorrow, so stay tuned!

The ABCs of Put Buying

I told you last week that I’ll be delivering free trade ideas on the regular, and these will likely come on Wednesdays. (Of course, if I see something I like earlier than Wednesday, I’ll let you know, and if I don’t see anything I like, I’m not going to force it.)

Q&A with Mark: Put Buying, IV, and Risk Appetite

As I told you LIVE on Tuesday – after nearly 20 years in the trading game, including 10 years on the floor, I’m ready to take over Wall Street and put the power back in the hands of the little guy.

The ABCs of Buying Calls

Options are the key to asymmetrical returns. And, in other words, the cornerstone of our Profit Takeover mission. You can learn how to execute these simple moneymakers today.

Trade Breakdown: Top Play for the Second Half of 2021

I just released my top play for asymmetrical returns in the second half of 2021. And now, I’m breaking down all the details of this luxury retail giant.

April 27 at 4 p.m. ET: Official Profit Takeover Launch

On April 27 at 4 p.m. ET sharp, I’m launching the Profit Takeover. Tune in to learn exactly how we plan to use asymmetrical returns to put Wall Street’s financial power back into the hands of the individual investor – starting with my number one trade for the second half of the year.

Ignorant, Stupid, or Complicit? The Media’s Role in Pedaling Wall Street’s Lies

You can learn more about calculated risk by watching The Game Show Network than you can by watching CNBC or Bloomberg.

How to Follow the Impact Money Straight to Your Next Profit

Traders spend a lot of time wondering when to buy a stock – but how about selling it?

It doesn’t matter if a trade racks up 100%, 200%, or 300% gains while it’s still sitting in your account. The second it drops back down, you could lose it all.

Legal Bribes and Crooked Trades – The Truth Behind “Free” Online Brokers

Commission-free trades aren’t what they seem.
In reality, they’re a way for brokers to accept legal bribes. Bribes so large that they can offer you free trading, no sweat.

This Secret Money Pool Has Been Used Exclusively by Prop Desks – Until Now

When I used to work on the floor, I once heard one broker say to another, “the only people dumber than you are your clients.”
That’s what’s really going on behind the scenes. The big money on Wall Street wants you to think you’re clueless without their help. But these guys’ clients weren’t dumb. They were just being kept in the dark.

3 Steps to Taking Over Wall Street

  • Start trading options. Once I started trading options, I never bought a stock again. That was back when options were Wall Street’s game. Today, the game has changed. Individual investors are using options to make big money fast – the kind of money Wall Street doesn’t want you to have your hands on. These are just one of the secret weapons we’ll use to take over the big man.

  • Make your returns asymmetrical. For the first time ever, we have more control than Wall Street. And we can use that control to score cash that is greater than the amount we’re risking. I’m not talking about doubling your money here – putting in $500 and getting $500 out. Your returns will be asymmetrical – meaning what you put in will be 5X, 10X, 100X what you get out. We’re turning hundreds into thousands here.

  • Pay attention to volatility. As trading volume hits new highs, investors like you are single-handedly driving stocks to skyrocket, then free fall, then shoot up again. We’re in a state of permanent volatility that’s permeating the new financial world, and every single trade I tell you about will be based off of it.