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How to Play the Robinhood IPO (+ NVDA Trade Update)

During yesterday’s live trading event, I broke down all of the positions in the Profit Takeover portfolio.

Your Apple Put Instructions Are Here

I went live at 11:30 a.m. this morning for one of our most action-packed sessions yet.

5 Chinese Stocks to Short After the Latest Crackdown

China stocks have officially seen their worst two-day fall since 2008.

Two Stocks Rising Thanks to Olympics Sports Betting

The Tokyo Summer Olympics kicked off on Friday, July 23 – and it’s already been an event for the history books.

Exit UUP & SLV Ahead of the Weekend

Today, we’re covering the UVXY, long-term investments, and exit strategies – plus, we’re selling two of the positions in our current portfolio.

Historical Volatility Has Tripled in Two Weeks

Since Friday, the market has been struggling to find its footing. Two days down, followed by two days up – and despite the red VIX light today, we’re seeing a notable increase in historical vol.

How to Trade Nvidia’s 4-for-1 Stock Split

Yesterday morning, NVIDIA Corp. (Nasdaq:NVDA) underwent a four-for-one stock split. That means that what was one share of NVDA on Monday is now equal to four shares – giving investors three extra pieces of the pie.

UVXY Trade Details (Ft. Updated Limit Price)

I just went live to tell you all about last week’s 100%-plus winner. You can find the replay here, on the Profit Takeover media page, shortly.

Portfolio Action Required: Exit AAL & F Now

On Friday, I did a complete portfolio review, addressing all of our open positions. And today, we’re taking action on two trades that are running out of time: the Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) August 20, 2021 $16 call and the American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq:AAL) August 20, 2021 $23 call.

Portfolio Review: Our Profit Plan on Every Open Position

Every Friday, I answer a round of Ask Me Anything questions straight from Profit Takeover readers. This week, I received an overwhelming amount of questions about the same thing: Our portfolio.

Play the Summer Travel Demand with My #1 Airline Trade

Airlines were arguably one of the hardest-hit sectors by the pandemic. But like everything else, it’s rising back up – security lines are growing longer, flight schedules are getting busier, and travel demand is returning strong.

Newsflash – Today’s Bank Earnings Were Subpar

“JPMorgan’s profit spikes 155% as US economy booms.” “Goldman’s earnings blow past estimates” These were just a couple of the headlines blasted across financial media sites today after this morning’s earnings reports. But what if I told you these earnings were actually pretty “meh?

Impact Money Is Pouring into This 20-Cent Walmart Trade

Last week, I was supposed to talk to you about earnings. But the market moves fast – and we have to do what we can to keep up. So, when the market started to fall, we switched topics. And I gave you a trade on UVXY to fade the red market – one that’s already in the green after just two trading days!

When to Expect the Next Vaccine Stock Jump

Yesterday, I pulled an audible. I was supposed to talk about Q2 earnings. But when I powered up my computer in the morning, everything was in the red. So I thought, screw earnings. I wanted to make sure no one at Profit Takeover was panic-selling.

Fade the Red Market with This UVXY Put

We just pulled an audible. I’ve been telling you all week that I was going to talk about earnings today. I was going to cover anything and everything about the Q2 reporting season. But that was before the market decided to drop deep into the red…

AMC Is Losing Steam – Now’s the Time to Act

We’re right at the start of second-quarter earnings. And from what I’ve seen so far – and what’s coming down the pike – it could be one of the biggest market-moving events of the year. That’s why tomorrow, at 10:30 a.m. ET, I’m going live to show you how I trade earnings.

Three Sectors Ripe with Cheap Option Plays

For weeks, I’ve been forecasting a sub-15 VIX by the Fourth of July. And that’s exactly what we got. On Friday, the VIX briefly touched 14. And I think we’re heading even further south from here.

Exit Your VIAC Call Ahead of the Holiday Weekend

Before we log off for the holiday weekend, I have a fresh round of Ask Me Anything questions straight from our Profit Takeover readers. And personally, I think the following questions are the best way to arm your trading arsenal before the market closes for the next three days.

It’s Coming – “The Weekend Effect” on Steroids

Ever noticed that the market tends to move higher on Fridays than it does on Mondays? You’re not crazy – it’s a thing. It even has a name: the weekend effect. And it’s a theory that’s been around since the early 70s.

Tesla Is One of the Worst EV Stocks – Here’s Why

First thing’s first – yesterday, we rolled our SLV calls into August. Our new calls filled at their limit price – but our older position never hit the $0.10 limit I recommended to exit. So, we’re going to exit this position at market today to ensure we get out – and can move our focus to the August $25 calls.

Profits Postponed: Here’s Your New SLV Gameplan

At the beginning of the month, we rolled our iShares Silver Trust (NYSEARCA:SLV) $26 calls from June to July. Now, our current July $26 calls are at a pretty steep loss. If you’ve been keeping up with the Profit Takeover portfolio, then that’s not a surprise.

Your 45-Cent UUP Trade Recommendation Details

I just went live – and showed you exactly how to fade last week’s market freak out. Missed out? Well, here’s a recap… We broke down just what was said during last week’s Fed meeting…

Why I’m Shorting Amazon After Prime Day

Today is day two of Amazon’s annual 48-hour Prime Day. This Amazon-exclusive, summertime-version of Black Friday typically results in massive, record-breaking sales numbers for the ecommerce giant as customers hit “add-to-cart” on almost every discounted item you can think of.

VIX Alert: The Traffic Light Just Changed Colors

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – my VIX traffic light has officially changed colors. For the first time since the end of May, the VIX jumped above 20 on Friday, turning my VIX light from red to yellow.

Call Spreads 101: Introducing This Low-Risk Option Trade

This week, we talked about how to take advantage of Lordstown Motor’s doomed future… Prepared for an upcoming VIX gamma squeeze… Jumped on an American Airlines asymmetrical trade…

Enclosed: Your Quadruple-Witching Day Trading Plan

This afternoon, I went live to tell you everything you need to know about quadruple-witching day. We covered why this day is so important… The effect it has on the market… And talked about how to trade this rare event.

New Trade Rec to Play the “Airline Rerun”

Last weekend, more than two million people were screened at U.S. airports – the highest number since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The return to normal isn’t just a pipe dream anymore. Every day, we’re seeing evidence that it’s the reality.

Prepare for a VIX Gamma Squeeze by July 4

Tomorrow, June options on the VIX will settle. That’s right – unlike traditional options, VIX options settle mid-week instead of Friday. They can also only be exercised upon expiration and are settled in cash, since you can’t own direct shares of the VIX.

Disaster Ahead: Time to Turn This SPAC’s Doom into Cash

This meme stock has a story. Reddit traders aren’t pushing shares of the medical tech company up for no reason. No, SENS announced positive results regarding the efficacy of its glucose monitoring system – giving this meme rally some legs.

Take Your 100%-Plus Profit on UVXY Now

Every week, I answer questions straight from Profit Takeover readers. We cover anything and everything – how to place a trade, how to find implied volatility, how to read the VIX – I could go on. I want to help you be the best trader you can be. So, please, ask me anything!

Why Retail Stocks Are Ignoring High Inflation Rates

A few weeks ago, we talked about the fall of FAANG. While the S&P and the Dow were rising, the tech-heavy Nasdaq was falling behind – dragged down by the megacaps that are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Three Rules of Selling Covered Calls

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to an options strategy called covered calls. It all started when Richard submitted an Ask Me Anything question, wondering what trading strategy he could use if he already owned stock in the underlying asset.

[NEW Trade Rec] Make This Play on Ford for Under $150

F took up residence on my Watchlist yesterday, after a 20,041-contract yield play flowed into the automaker company. This stock is up almost 82% year-to-date, and I see a run higher coming soon.

This Meme Stock’s Run May Be Over

Last week, I told you about what was really pushing meme stocks like AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AMC)Blackberry Ltd. (NYSE:BB), and Express Inc. (NYSE:EXPR) higher… It wasn’t Reddit. It wasn’t hedge funds. It wasn’t big banks.

[Bonus Trade Rec] Wipe Out Your SLV Loss by Next Month

It’s time to end the trading week with a special edition of Ask Me Anything. Every week, I answer questions straight from Profit Takeover readers. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what I have to say – not if I’m not delivering what my readers want to know.

What’s Really Driving Up AMC? (It’s Not Reddit)

Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AMC) halted trading four times yesterday after spiking more than 90% – yes, you read that right – 90% – all in one trading day.

My Top Three Cheap Oil Stocks

Yesterday, oil hit its highest price level in the past two and a half years. What caused the jump? Well, OPEC announced that it plans to restore 2.1 million barrels per day, signaling a return to normal production and increased demand.

Two New Asymmetrical Trade Recs: UVXY & AAL

Last week, the ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (BATS:UVXY) underwent a 10:1 reverse split that took the ETF from $4 per share to $40 per share – in one night.

Why Verizon Didn’t Move After Buffett’s Purchase

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, I went live to explain UVXY’s reverse stock split – plus, I showed you exactly how to trade it for big-money, asymmetrical profits. If you missed my presentation, don’t worry. You can catch a replay right here.

This ETF Just Went from $4 to $40 in One Night

Yesterday, the ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (BATS:UVXY) underwent a reverse split. And tomorrow at 2 p.m. sharp, I’m going live to explain exactly how. Click here to register.

What Nordstrom’s Earnings Miss Means for Our Call

This morning, the ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (BATS:UVXY) opened at $40. Yesterday, it closed at $4. What happened? Well, this ETF underwent a reverse split – one that could lead us to our next asymmetrical return. And tomorrow at 2 p.m. sharp, I’m going live to explain exactly how. Click here to register.

A Backdoor Way to Trade the Crypto Craze

The last name on my Watchlist yesterday was CME Group Inc. (Nasdaq:CME). CME is an American global markets company. It’s also the largest financial derivatives exchange in the world, trading agriculture products, energy, interest rates – I could go on.

Why Virgin Galactic Is Junk – Even After Its Rocket Launch Success

The VIX may be down around 5% today, but my VIX light is yellow. Remember, a yellow VIX light means that volatility is about to make a big move in either direction. We can expect some up-and-down moves in the VIX this week as volatility jumps and tumbles.

Ask Me Anything: The VIX & Covered Calls

Here at Profit Takeover, I regularly tell you when I spy impact money. Why? Well, it’s all part of two-factor authentication trading. And it’s one of the best ways to use Wall Street’s tricks against them.

The Market’s “Fear Gauge” Just Predicted the Next Correction

Here at Profit Takeover, I regularly tell you when I spy impact money. Why? Well, it’s all part of two-factor authentication trading. And it’s one of the best ways to use Wall Street’s tricks against them.

Warren Buffet Has Dumped $9.2 Billion Into This Profit Takeover Stock

Here at Profit Takeover, I regularly tell you when I spy impact money. Why? Well, it’s all part of two-factor authentication trading. And it’s one of the best ways to use Wall Street’s tricks against them.

New Competitor in the “Streaming Wars?” How AT&T’s Merger Affects You

Last week, I recommended a new trade on ViacomCBS Inc. (Nasdaq:VIAC) during my live encore presentation of the Profit Takeover launch webinar. To recap, VIAC was virtually on sale, with volatility at a three-month low on the top streaming stock.

I Wouldn’t Touch These IPOs with a 10-Foot Pole

It’s hard to imagine something like milk moving the stock market. But that’s exactly what happened last December when Starbucks announced it would start offering oat milk as a dairy alternative, shooting the stock up 3% in just 24 hours.

Mailbag Q&A: Order Types, IV, Small Accounts, and More

What a week – in just five days, we’ve dove into a new trade on silver… Used Cathie Wood’s ARKK to our trading advantage… Done an encore presentation of the Profit Takeover launch…

The Fall of FAANG Means the Rise of This Sector

FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google – they’ve always been considered the biggest and the best stocks on the market. “Too big to fail,” right? Until now.

How to Use Cathie Wood’s Failed ETF for Cash

Cathie Wood is in trouble. 2020’s “Best Stock Picker,” a title bestowed upon Cathie by Bloomberg last year, currently holds a portfolio that might just strip her of that crown.

Q&A with Mark: Interpreting Options Lingo & More

I’ve gotta say — I’ve been absolutely blown away by some of your questions so far, so please continue submitting them right here, and I’ll answer a few each Friday!

PFE Trade Update + ‘SNL’ Could Have TSLA Fans Saying ‘WTF’

In case you missed it, yesterday I gave you my favorite trade idea of the week — long calls on Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), which initially looked ripe to generate the kind of asymmetric returns I’m hunting in this service.

New Trade Rec: Make 100%-Plus on 2021’s Hottest Stock

As promised, today I’m giving you my next favorite Profit Takeover trade idea… It’s one that I feel meets my criteria, which includes:

Pulling Back the Curtains on the Buffett-Robinhood Beef

In this space so far, we’ve gone back to the basics with primers on bullish and bearish option buying, which is the bulk of my strategy in this service… In fact, you’ll get my next free trade idea tomorrow, so stay tuned!

The ABCs of Put Buying

I told you last week that I’ll be delivering free trade ideas on the regular, and these will likely come on Wednesdays. (Of course, if I see something I like earlier than Wednesday, I’ll let you know, and if I don’t see anything I like, I’m not going to force it.)

Q&A with Mark: Put Buying, IV, and Risk Appetite

As I told you LIVE on Tuesday – after nearly 20 years in the trading game, including 10 years on the floor, I’m ready to take over Wall Street and put the power back in the hands of the little guy.

The ABCs of Buying Calls

Options are the key to asymmetrical returns. And, in other words, the cornerstone of our Profit Takeover mission. You can learn how to execute these simple moneymakers today.

Trade Breakdown: Top Play for the Second Half of 2021

I just released my top play for asymmetrical returns in the second half of 2021. And now, I’m breaking down all the details of this luxury retail giant.

April 27 at 4 p.m. ET: Official Profit Takeover Launch

On April 27 at 4 p.m. ET sharp, I’m launching the Profit Takeover. Tune in to learn exactly how we plan to use asymmetrical returns to put Wall Street’s financial power back into the hands of the individual investor – starting with my number one trade for the second half of the year.

Ignorant, Stupid, or Complicit? The Media’s Role in Pedaling Wall Street’s Lies

You can learn more about calculated risk by watching The Game Show Network than you can by watching CNBC or Bloomberg.

How to Follow the Impact Money Straight to Your Next Profit

Traders spend a lot of time wondering when to buy a stock – but how about selling it?

It doesn’t matter if a trade racks up 100%, 200%, or 300% gains while it’s still sitting in your account. The second it drops back down, you could lose it all.

Legal Bribes and Crooked Trades – The Truth Behind “Free” Online Brokers

Commission-free trades aren’t what they seem.
In reality, they’re a way for brokers to accept legal bribes. Bribes so large that they can offer you free trading, no sweat.

This Secret Money Pool Has Been Used Exclusively by Prop Desks – Until Now

When I used to work on the floor, I once heard one broker say to another, “the only people dumber than you are your clients.”
That’s what’s really going on behind the scenes. The big money on Wall Street wants you to think you’re clueless without their help. But these guys’ clients weren’t dumb. They were just being kept in the dark.

3 Steps to Taking Over Wall Street

  • Start trading options. Once I started trading options, I never bought a stock again. That was back when options were Wall Street’s game. Today, the game has changed. Individual investors are using options to make big money fast – the kind of money Wall Street doesn’t want you to have your hands on. These are just one of the secret weapons we’ll use to take over the big man.

  • Make your returns asymmetrical. For the first time ever, we have more control than Wall Street. And we can use that control to score cash that is greater than the amount we’re risking. I’m not talking about doubling your money here – putting in $500 and getting $500 out. Your returns will be asymmetrical – meaning what you put in will be 5X, 10X, 100X what you get out. We’re turning hundreds into thousands here.

  • Pay attention to volatility. As trading volume hits new highs, investors like you are single-handedly driving stocks to skyrocket, then free fall, then shoot up again. We’re in a state of permanent volatility that’s permeating the new financial world, and every single trade I tell you about will be based off of it.