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Piggyback This Big-Money Ford Trade with a Simple Call

On Tuesday, I found a 30,000 contract trade in Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F). It was a put buy, but I knew it was a bullish move – because the buyer was also long F stock…

How to Trade Goldman’s 20-Year Earnings Trend

We’re talking earnings and buy-the-dip opportunities today. But before we dive in, listen up…

Volatility Is Finally Ready to Crash

Before we dive into today’s VIX forecast, let’s zoom out a little…

For the last six to seven months, the VIX has been trading at massive premiums. And that’s because something called the S&P 500 SKEW Index was holding it up.

Ford Is My Drug of Choice – I Can’t Stop Coming Back

Big money is going off today – and the best trade that hit my radar has got to be this one on Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F).

F has been on fire as of late. It’s up over 18% in the past month alone

Oil’s at its Highest Price in 7 Years

Over 1,000 flights canceled, a COVID-19 pill, and oil at its highest price in seven years – we’ve got a lot to cover today.

The Stocks I’m Watching This Earnings Season

This week, we talked about two really strong sectors: energy and travel.

And I gave you three ways to trade each of them.

The Best Way to Trade the Airline Sector’s Strength

Ford hasn’t been on my list for a while now, but it’s back today. JPM is a recurring name… but I’ve got a special opportunity to show you how to trade it.

PLTR Could Lead the Market’s Next Rally

A government contract, a softening stock, transports, and financials – we’ve got a large variety on our Watchlist today.

How to Use Implied Volatility to Find a Cheap Option Trade

We talk a lot here about implied volatility (IV). And by now, you know that it’s the key to building the perfect option trade.

Trading Energy: Three Ways to Play This Sector’s Strength

With oil rising (and DKNG potentially coming back from the dead) I’ve got three stocks to start off our week.

An 80-Cent Trade to Play Retail’s Face-Ripping Sell Off

Someone selling over 150,000 January 2022 calls? That’s got to be a bearish trade…

Right? Wrong

Someone Just Bought 9,300 Contracts on This No-Name Stock

Yesterday, I gave you a brand-new, free Profit Takeover trade recommendation on Uber.

We recorded a $2.22 fill on this trade.

New Trade Rec: Snag Another Asymmetrical Uber Profit

Last week, we made a fat profit on our free Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE:UBER) Profit Takeover trade.

Just check it out at the bottom of the portfolio!

Two Impact Money Trades for Under $1

Asymmetric returns are what we’re after here in the Profit Takeover.

We want to put a little money in… and get a lot of money out. The idea is simple…

KR, SFIX, CCJ – Three Trade Ideas to Start the Week

Last week was exciting, I’ll say that.

We watched as the VIX light went from yellow, to green, and back to yellow as the market sold off and volatility spiked.

Introducing – My Asymmetric Trading System

We knew this week was going to be interesting even before the market opened on Monday to a massive sell-off.

I gave you three cheap options to play the sell-off…

The VIX Light Is Green – Prepare Your Portfolio Now

Yesterday, I told you that the VIX curve briefly went backward… and my yellow light was on the brink of turning green.

Three Cheap Options to Play the Sell-Off

We’re red across the board this morning – except for the VIX light, that is. That’s yellow.

Trade This Apple Pattern for a Monday Profit

For the past month and a half, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) has been following a pattern.

Play the Dip on DKNG With This $1 Option

Chinese stocks have been all over the news ever since the government cracked down on private education, sending a number of names crashing…

The Reason I Don’t Trust Cannabis Stocks

I’m giving you one option that’s under a dollar on one of these stocks.

VIX Light Just Changed – Expect Face-Ripping Moves This Week

On Friday, we saw the VIX cash index briefly get above September futures.

This VIX Trade Could Quadruple in Two Weeks

We haven’t seen a real market sell off since last fall.

The Best Time of Day to Trade

Over the past four days, I told you the story of how I lost $75K on Best Buy

Your Cheap Option Trade on UBER

We kicked off today’s Profit Takeover live session with a song from one of my all-time favorite songs by Chicago.

Exit Your Nordstrom Call After Last Night’s Report

I’ve been talking about Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE:JWN) earnings all week, and they’re here…

This Retailer Is Ready to Crush Tonight’s Earnings Report

Earnings are winding down, but one of these companies’ reports has potential to blow the stock out of the water – and you could profit as soon as tomorrow morning.

How I Lost $75 Grand on Best Buy

Back when I was a market maker, Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE:BBY) was one of my stocks.

How to Execute a Butterfly Spread

Yesterday afternoon, I went live with Kenny Glick to trade the close.

The Reason the VIX Shot to 18 Today

Most options contracts expire on Fridays. You’ve got your weekly Friday expirations, and your monthlies – options that expire on the third Friday of the month.

Unprecedented Cash Is Flowing Into This Blue-Chip

Yesterday, I told you about the big money flowing into Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL).

Why the Market Can’t Sell Off

The VIX futures curve is still in a nice contango – but the shape of the curve isn’t what’s catching my eye.

Newsflash – The Delta Variant Won’t Help Clorox Stock

No Friday the 13th scaries here – we’re wrapping up a stellar week.

Your AAPL Trade Instructions

I just went live for our weekly Profit Takeover trading session. In just an hour’s time, we went over where the market stands…

Three Backdoor Clean Energy Trades to Profit in 2022

On Monday, the UN released a report on climate change – and they issued a “code red for humanity.”

Impact Money Points to China Easing Education Rules

We’ve talked before about the Chinese crackdown on education. And it’s a move that has affected a ton of Chinese companies – among them, TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL).

A $7 Trade to Play Robinhood’s Big Week

Robinhood Markets Inc. (Nasdaq:HOOD) IPO’d on the Nasdaq just a couple of weeks ago.

My Favorite Blue-Chip Stock

This week, we talked about cheap options trades set to profit by the end of August.

Three Ways to Trade Robinhood

Let’s kick off the day by pocketing a profit on our UVXY August 6 $30 put.

100% by August 13? Check Out This Bearish Retail Trade

Today, I’ll tell you where Target’s stock is heading – and how to play the upcoming downside…

Enclosed: Your Volatility Trade Details

My VIX light turned green today – and I just went live to walk you through what’s about to be a volatility storm.

Four Trades Under $3 That’ll Cash Out By Month’s End

There are four indicators I look at when determining what color our VIX light is that day:

The Importance of Delta and Gamma – Explained

It’s Friday, and you know what that means – it’s time for our weekly Q&A session.

How to Play the Robinhood IPO (+ NVDA Trade Update)

During yesterday’s live trading event, I broke down all of the positions in the Profit Takeover portfolio.

Your Apple Put Instructions Are Here

I went live at 11:30 a.m. this morning for one of our most action-packed sessions yet.

3 Steps to Taking Over Wall Street

  • Start trading options. Once I started trading options, I never bought a stock again. That was back when options were Wall Street’s game. Today, the game has changed. Individual investors are using options to make big money fast – the kind of money Wall Street doesn’t want you to have your hands on. These are just one of the secret weapons we’ll use to take over the big man.

  • Make your returns asymmetrical. For the first time ever, we have more control than Wall Street. And we can use that control to score cash that is greater than the amount we’re risking. I’m not talking about doubling your money here – putting in $500 and getting $500 out. Your returns will be asymmetrical – meaning what you put in will be 5X, 10X, 100X what you get out. We’re turning hundreds into thousands here.

  • Pay attention to volatility. As trading volume hits new highs, investors like you are single-handedly driving stocks to skyrocket, then free fall, then shoot up again. We’re in a state of permanent volatility that’s permeating the new financial world, and every single trade I tell you about will be based off of it.