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This is my #1 Strat to Beat the Bear Market

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When I’m tracking the flow of big money, I usually look for trades of 10K contracts or more.

But today, a massive 342,494-contract trade on the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEarca:EEM) crossed my radar:

Did you miss me live? Watch my live breakdown of this trade here.

When a trader is playing with this amount of money, they know something the rest of us don’t…

Meaning something BIG is about to happen to EEM.

But here’s the thing – these big-money traders… they’re good at picking stocks. But when it comes to the option…

There’s almost always a better play.

And today, that’s exactly what I found.

I think EEM could run to $40, and during today’s show I found some cheap calls in EEM for under $1…

Again, you can click here for the replay!

And as we got to talking about EEM, the U.S. dollar came up as well:

The answer is yes. Not directly inverse, but there is an inverse correlation for sure.

Take a look at these charts:

As EEM goes down, UUP goes up

Meaning we can watch the dollar as an indicator to where EEM is headed.

Big money traders drop cash like this every single day…

And I have a strategy to track those trades – so that we can make even better ones.

That’s the exact strategy I’ll be revealing during Beat the Bear Market tomorrow at 1PM.

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