Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I really miss you all and I wanted to send you a special video:

Here’s what I have been up to…

To celebrate the profits we’ve made this week, I worked behind the scenes to get a special deal for you…

Call in now so you can hear about the 300 for 300 bonus!

Even though we are working on the Summit, I am still active in the trading room with the Profit Revolutionaires.

(Profit Revolution members also have exclusive access to all the Money Morning Live Summit live-streams for free.)

This Monday, we closed a massive win – 190% weighted profit – in RIG.

Let me recap what happened over the past few days…

Last Tuesday, May 12th, I made a recommendation in RIG for the $3.50 calls – and the best part was, they only cost 14 cents.

The next day, traders were able to make two exits: the first half at 33 cents – up 136% in a day…

And later that day, another fourth of the position at 40 cents – up 186% in one day.

Then Monday, May 16th, I sent the final exit at 56 cents – up 300% in four days.

Altogether, RIG’s weighted gain was 190% IN 4 DAYS risking only 14 cents…

So I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share… call this number now to hear more: (877) 285-8101.

If you are heading to the Summit, I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

See You Tomorrow

The Money Morning Live Summit starts tomorrow…

The entire Money Morning Live crew and I will be in Chicago, IL on May 19-20, 2022…

To host the first Money Morning Live Summit.

Hope to see you there.

Find out more right here.

Sign up HERE.


No Regular Programming from Myself or Brian this week.

We will be at the Money Morning Live Summit.

Get your ticket and I’ll see you there.

Or purchase access to all the live-sessions virtually here.


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