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I am traveling this week, so some of my colleagues from the Option Pit are filling in for me during our live Profit Revolution shows, and I wanted to let you peek behind the curtain…

Yesterday’s expert guest was Bill “Griff” Griffo, Head of Macro Trading at the Option Pit.

Griff has 40 years of experience trading – including Treasury bonds on Wall Street – and is an EXPERT on the relationship between the Federal Reserve and the market.

He has spent years researching and learning about the Fed and government policies because he realized that policies are designed to control the market.

He got some great questions including this one:

He had a great tip to share – how he is personally playing gold and what traders can do:

And then went on to answer these questions next:

Learning and observing the impact that policies have on the economy and growth has helped him predict and understand the effects on the market.

Griff covered the energy crisis – mentioning bills are rising and wages are stagnant and said:

“I think we are already technically in a recession”

However, he predicts the market will be back on its feet next year.

He gave some great tips on how to play the bear market until then –

And Profit Revolution members were grateful for his advice.

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I will see you back for the Profit Takeover on Monday, June 13th.

See you then,

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