Today’s Impact Money Trade

A monster call sale just hit a stock I’ve liked for months: Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F).

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Someone selling over 150,000 January 2022 calls? That’s got to be a bearish trade…



This trade isn’t even a little bit bearish – in fact, it’s completely bullish. This big-money trader sees F rising higher into the new year.

How do I know?

First of all, this customer took a fat profit on these F calls. 150,745 contracts at $4.31 each? That’s almost $650,000 in premium.

But they didn’t just pocket this cash and run.

This customer converted their long call position into stock, buying 14 million shares against this option trade.
When a customer is this right, and maintains their bullish stance, I’m paying attention.

I’m going to watch F very closely over the next few weeks to see if this big money buyer returns. If a similar trade hits my radar, I’d definitely be interested in piggybacking.

For now, though, I think it’s wise to hold off. The easy upside money in F has been made. Once it retrenches below $14, even to $13.75 or so, I’d go long the $14 calls.

Mark’s Watchlist

I’ve got three new trades to tell you about today – one on each of these Watchlist stocks.

  1. Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE:UBER)

UBER had a great day yesterday – and our new call is already up 40% – barreling toward an asymmetric win.

But listen – because I gave a recommendation on UBER to my Profit Revolutionmembers as well.

We recorded an entry of just $0.79 yesterday…

And today, less than 24 hours later, it hit $1.58! That’s over 100%!

Find out how you can receive up to five under $1 trade recommendations per week just like this one on UBER call us at 877.212.9163

  1. TJX Companies Inc. (NYSE:TJX)

Remember yesterday’s winning put on Macy’s Inc. (NYSE:M)?

Yeah, M wasn’t the only retailer that got crushed. The retail sector was destroyed yesterday:

But here’s the thing – I think things got a little overcooked here. At minimum, this drop is worth a dead cat bounce. If the S&P gets some support today, then we could see a real lift in retailers like TJX.

TJX was a $70 stock on Wednesday night. It can absolutely get there again, especially within the next two weeks. To play that jump, I’m looking at the October 15 $67.50 calls.

  1. Duke Energy Corp. (NYSE:DUK)

Utilities, like retail, have been smoked. But again, like retail, I think the sell-off is overdone. There’s an easy dead cat bounce here – and DUK is a great way to play it.

How? With the October par – that’s how we used to refer to the $100 calls when I worked on the floor.
The October $100 calls are only $0.80. If DUK makes a quick trip over $100 – which it did just a week ago – then you can flip these options for a simple 100% winner.

Ask Me Anything: Options 101

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Until next time,

Mark Sebastian



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