Top Three Inflation Trades

Wholesale prices just came out this morning – and based on the results, I’m not surprised we’re looking at a red market today.

We knew prices were going to be high. But analysts expected a price increase of 9.2%, and they ended up rising 9.6% instead for the highest level since November 2010.

Wholesale prices are how much a manufacturer charges a distributor, or a wholesaler, for their goods. And the high price jump we saw this morning means that inflation is as great a risk as ever on the economy.

When people think of wholesale prices, they think of retailers. But those aren’t the only names sensitive to this morning’s news.

FAANG is actually taking a hit as well. Look at Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) – it gave away all of its gains into the close yesterday.

There’s a big weight around the neck of the market today, and the tech-heavy S&P and QQQ are going to feel it.

But the Dow Jones is actually much more diverse – and that’s where you’ll want to look for your inflation trades.

  1. Alcoa Corp. (NYSE:AA)

Industrials like AA are going to thrive whether inflation is high or not. The aluminum producer has already spent December flying higher:

AA December 2021

  1. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE:FCX)

Like AA, FCX is an industrial. But it’s known for producing copper, not aluminum. Either way, commodities tend to go up in inflationary environments – and FCX is already up almost 40% year-to-date:


  1. Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM)

We’ve talked copper and aluminum – but what about oil?

It’s just another commodity that thrives even when inflation is high. And right now, XOM is too cheap, down 4% over the past month – meaning it’s a good time to jump in.

XOM Nov-Dec 2021

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Why UVXY Is Rallying Right Now

UVXY is a broken product. I’ve told you that before – over time, this weighted ETF is destined to be worthless.

So… why is it rallying this week?

UVXY Dec 2021

Because the UVXY will follow the VIX as best it can. And with the VIX above 22 as I type, UVXY is staying afloat.

Where is the fear in the market coming from? And is it going to last?

When the VIX is up, that doesn’t always mean the market is going down.

The VIX and UVXY are great hedges.

Yellow Traffic LightWhen people have a long portfolio that they want to protect, they’ll buy calls on the VIX or UVXY – and that’ll move these indices and ETFs higher.

Look – my VIX light is yellow. That means we could see volatility rip in either direction. But with quad-witching coming up on Friday and the market closing next week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a low VIX settlement, despite the way it’s rising right now.

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Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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