I typically send info about portfolio management and my top strategies for trading –

But there’s something equally as important that can affect not only how much profit you bring in, but also how much wealth you are able to maintain –

And that, my friends, is your trading mindset.

Coach Brian King helps to train and guide traders to master their trading mindset every single weekday in the Inside Money Traderroom and occasionally on the main room stage.

Brian’s teaching is based on the M3 strategy: Mindest, Multiplication, and Management…

Trading is 70% mindset –

If you have ever struggled with any of these topics, Brian helps traders manage their expectations and create trading plans:

  1. When to take profit off the table
  2. How to cut your losses
  3. When to skip a trade – or a trading day
  4. How to avoid reactionary trading

Strategy is one thing – but tactics are something else.

Which means, you can implement a strategy, but in order to be successful and apply it in different settings, you need to fully understand the tactics – the HOW and WHY behind the strategy…

Brian is also a candle expert, and interacts with everyone in the live chat room.

So along with practical coaching, Brian also teaches candle analysis and practical trading skills.

Here’s the biggest key to maintaining control of your trading mind…

Create a trading strategy or find a mentor to help you make a strategy that suits your goals and stick to it.

Don’t celebrate the wins –

And don’t mourn the losses.

Every trading day is a new day and a new opportunity to grow your wealth.

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See you then,

Mark Sebastian


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