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Today, from 3-4 PM ET, Kenny Glick and I are combining the magic of asymmetric options and the VWAP to trade the close.

Together, we’re going to look at options on UVXY…

SPX expiration…

And earnings as we head into the close.

We’re calling it 10X Trades: The Friday Close. And this hour is your last chance to make money off the market this week.

The bromance is live and in action – add this event to your calendar now:

Friday: 10X Trades: The Friday Close 3:00 – 4:00 PM

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Thursday-Friday-Monday Slam Impending

Expectations hovered around 125,000 new payrolls added in January – but this morning’s report boasted way more – 467,000.

On top of that, Amazon posted record-breaking earnings of $137.4 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter.

But despite this double-whammy of positive news, my VIX light is still yellow.

The market needs to work its way through today’s odd jobs report and AMZN earnings before it makes a decision up or down.

Ever heard of the Thursday-Friday-Monday slam?

Thursday’s bad…

Friday is worse…

And then Monday, we crash.

Right now, we’re on track to see that pattern. And if today is a nightmare, and the VIX’s wild moves take us into higher volatility, then Monday could be UGLY.

American Airlines Could Be
Headed to Bankruptcy

If you’re holding American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AAL), then you should be worried about this big-money trade:

This morning, AAL opened at $16.27. So why is this big-money trader spending $2.2 million on a bet that the airline is heading down to $10, $5, or lower?

Is AAL heading for bankruptcy? These types of trades tell us that bond traders are worried…

And you should not be going long AAL anytime soon.

Making Amazon Options Cheap

  1. Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN)

AMZN blew the doors off of earnings – and the biggest retailer in the U.S. could be looking to make a run at $3,200 today.

Look, AMZN is pretty hard to trade. It’s got a four-digit price tag, after all.

But the cornerstone of my earnings trading strategy is cheap options.

And this is the post-earnings pattern that could even make AMZN options affordable.

  1. Energy Transfer LP Unit (NYSE:ET)

ET has been undervalued and has a nice dividend – and I think it’s heading to $11 a share from here. So, I’m looking at the ET February 18 $10.50 calls.

  1. Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F)

F got smoked after reporting a significant earnings miss – and the stock is down more than 10% on the day as I type.

If F can find a floor at some point today, it could make a run back above $18.50 – and I might look to buy some lottery calls.

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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