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Oil is continuing to explode higher – USO is up by 2.24% at the time of writing this…

We’ve been playing Devon Energy Corp (NYSE: DVN) in the Profit Revolution… and check out the massive spike the stock just saw:

We are currently out of half of our position – for 100% profits, might I add – and letting the rest ride up.

Today during the Profit Takeover live show, I followed some big money flow here in DVN out to June and July…

I think DVN is moving higher with a potential for more profit if you are long.

Here is exactly how I plan to trade them.

Learn Trade Secrets

Sometimes as a new trader, you could get into options or stocks and don’t know how to get out –

When I asked today if anyone was long on a stock that was deep underwater…

Chatters flooded with responses.

We’ve all been there – and it’s rough, but there’s a way out too.

I took a look at some Big Money Flow in SLV today…

And what I saw was a “slingshot collar.”

This is where you are long a stock that is down, but you can take off some profit as you go, and if the stock goes back up, you get the stock right back.

They didn’t pay anything for this trade and they got 1 million shares of stock.

How’s that for winning?

If you want to see the details, you’ll need to watch the replay of today’s Profit Takeover show RIGHT HERE when it goes live.

And for even MORE trading tips like this of how the PROS do it, JOIN ME in the Profit Revolution community and trade alongside these traders:

We’ve hit a hot-streak lately:

Hope to see you soon.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

Volatility Forecast

Green Traffic LightMy VIX Light is still green.

Despite the pop today, we are still in a bear market.

S&P up 87%, VIX is still above 30 to further prove the point.

From Yahoo Finance

Use these high days to play momentum as losing positions unwind – do not jump at FOMO.


Thursday 3/3: No Main Room Shows

Friday 3/4: 9:30-10 AM Profit Takeover featuring Brian King


  1. BP plc (NYSE: BP)

After divesting its Russia exposure, BP is now in the clear to rally.

  1. International Game Technology PLC (NYSE: IGT)

IGT just reported poor earnings and the stock got smoked.

This does not bode well and even though it’s up a little now, it could be making a run down to 23 or even 20.

  1. Vale SA (NYSE: VALE)

VALE saw a big customer unwind a long position yesterday.

This could signal a near term top here and potentially US Steel as well.

70 points? Which index?

I think he meant the S&P


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