Dear Profit Takeover reader,

There’s a phenomenon that’s one of the easiest ways to profit – and for the first step of this strategy, all I need to do is sit back and watch…

I call it harnessing Big Money Flow – and it’s one of the best money-making strategies in my repertoire. 

Here’s how the strategy works. I call it my SURE system:

  1. Spot the Inside Money’s big move: First I look for the million-dollar moves

I always track to see when traders buy in MASSIVE numbers – I am talking buying blocks on options contracts in the 5 or 6-digits.

That means there are millions of dollars on the table for these big-money players.

And there’s only one reason why they would bet THAT much money on a play – it’s because they know something the rest of us don’t.

Step 2 is probably the most important part – and involves the skill I have spent years honing…

  1. Understand the full picture: Analyzing what is really going on

Once I spot Big Money Moves, I have to figure out WHY they made the play they made. 

Is it simply call or put buying? 

Are they hedging against another play?

Do they own stock and want to balance their portfolio? 

Is it an open or a close?

These are the questions I ask myself and am able to determine answers to, the deeper I dig into the Big Money Moves

  1. Reveal the reason for the trade: Why I should or shouldn’t piggyback what I see

Once I have determined why Big Money made a play, I can figure out if copying it will be a good idea for my traders and myself. 

Lots of the time, these Big Money Plays win, but sometimes I catch losers doubling down. 

When they are wrong, I move on to the next guy or gal, but when they are RIGHT is when I pay attention. 

And sometimes a trader can tell us when to exit options we already have open.

What I won’t do is copy a losing play – or hold onto options when big money is taking their money off the table. 

During this part of my SURE system, I decide whether it’s a good idea to copy a Big Money Play or not. 

And finally…

  1. Enhance the trade: Make the trade better 

Big Money Traders aren’t always professional options traders. They are usually stock traders who know enough about options, but I can bet they don’t have the expertise I do with trading options. 

  • And I’m able to improve upon their mistakes by picking the better trade.

The only thing they have that I don’t is information – but by making massive moves, they reveal their hand to me… and all that’s left is doing exactly what they did – but better. 

So this is the last part of my system where I construct the best trade possible with all the information I have. 

And I do this every single day.

Inside Money Traders get the benefit of my SURE system with two of these sizzling Big Money trades each week. 

I will be dropping two more this week ahead of the big Expiration Friday… but only members are able to see those exclusive trades.

Our monthly live session is this Friday at 12:00 noon ET – join us before then, so we can take profit on Friday. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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