Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Today is Fed Day… and Garrett Baldwin joined me during the Profit Takeover show this morning to give a more detailed breakdown of our expectations following the meeting…

Three facts Garrett and I KNOW FOR SURE based on today’s Fed news are…

  • The Fed must continue to reduce the balance sheet
  • We will see the ongoing effects of a shift from Quantitative Easing to Quantitative Tightening… and
  • The anticipated impact of the next Fed meeting, in June, just exploded.

VIX could go anywhere – and my traffic light is still bright green

Which means I believe volatility will go up.

Unfortunately for them, most brokers don’t know how to trade volatility…

We saw this emergency alert from a popular brokerage this morning:

But I am not afraid of vol –

In fact… I am absolutely SALIVATING at the opportunities that we are going to see over the next 90 days – and beyond…

My specialty is volatility – so here’s my perspective:

Volatility = Opportunity for Profit

And since news of the Fed dropped, I will be watching for plays to utilize volatility for a profitable advantage.

(This is what I do everyday in my own hedge fund AND in the Profit Revolution.)

  • We will see VIX hit 40 (high) this month
  • If we see a bounce, the rally will end Thursday, May 19th
  • If we don’t see an early bounce, the bottom will be around 322 in SPY…

No one knows exactly what will happen –

But I have a plan for EVERY SCENARIO and I will make sure the traders in the Profit Revolution can take advantage of every opportunity to profit.

Don’t be left behind…

Join us right here.

Or find out more about the Profit Revolution here.

See you tomorrow,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

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  1. Blue Apron Holdings Inc (NYSE:APRN)

The short squeeze in APRN is over…

It’s now trading at $3.79 –

Image from

I’d look for a cheap way to play the downside.

  1. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD)

AMD posted great earnings but is fading today…

It is currently at $94.70 –

Image from

With IV so low, I may look for a cheap way to play the fade.

  1. Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER)

UBER is getting crushed by the great LYFT earnings…

It’s currently trading at $27.36…

Image from

I think we could see UBER fall toward $20.


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