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Today, my colleague and K-street expert Frank Gregory joined the live Profit Takeover show to share his insider expertise on news, policy, and market effects. 

Frank mentioned that Apple Inc is putting pressure on China and may pull production because of the high-profile protests, government pushback, and potential human rights issues that China citizens currently face. 

Did you miss us live? Check out the replay right here:

Since Apple has threatened to pull production from China, here’s what that could mean for the AAPL stock and China’s Large-Cap ETF – FXI…

We could see FXI continue to fall until China makes amends to the current pressure they have on citizens.

FXI is currently at $28.80 – but there’s a long way to head potentially down to the October 31st low dip to $20.95.

AAPL stock is currently at $142.51…

Even though earnings were positive with EPS up 1.44%, AAPL keeps chopping between the $140-150 range and when it breaks up or down, only gets about $5 out of that range before bouncing right back in.

Having to find a new production site and build factories could cost AAPL a lot in the near term, that’s if they do follow through with their warnings to China.

And we can’t mistake the fact that AAPL has been one of the last stalwarts propping up the market, so whether AAPL were to break lower or higher out of the $140-$150 range, that could send cascading effects through the S&P 500. 

I will be watching and trading along with insider expertise from Frank.

I’ve got AAPL, FXI, and some other UGLY stocks on my watchlist…

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