Today’s Watchlist

  1. Devon Energy Corp. (NYSE:DVN)

DVN just reported great earnings – not a surprise, considering the surge in energy prices.

With energy moving higher, the stock is up – and this one is heading back to $60 a share, making it a prime suspect for a call trade.

  1. FuelCell Energy Inc. (Nasdaq:FCEL)

FCEL had a huge short-squeeze yesterday, jumping 16% from market open to market close:

FCEL Feb 2022

From here, I’m looking for a move back below $5 – and that could happen this week, setting up for a good short-term put trade.

  1. Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR)

PLTR has been punished the past few months – and right now, it’s so low that there appears to be a lot of upside potential.

PLTR Dec 2021-Feb 2022

Earnings are coming out before the bell tomorrow morning – and after that, I think PLTR is prime for a post-earnings call trade.


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2/18 2PM: Premium Oil Trading Session

Volatility Forecast

Green Traffic LightThe S&P is down more than 2.5% over the past five days, but the VIX is only at 25. Relative to the market, the VIX has been underperforming – which could mean good things for the broader market.

This relative underperformance tells me that we could see the market find footing today – and the S&P make a run higher in the afternoon.

Emergency Energy Summit Breakdown

This morning, I went live with Garrett Baldwin for an Emergency Energy Summit.

And this hour was crucial – because oil is fast-approaching $100 a barrel, its highest price in the past seven years.

Garrett and I aren’t the only ones forecasting triple-digit territory for the commodity. JPMorgan, in fact, is calling for a run to $150 next year.

Want to know what happened the last time oil was $150?

Well, it was 2008 – and the infamous stock market crash ripped cash out of investors’ pockets.

Look. Oil is in everything, from the clothes on your body to the roof over your head…

Soon, you could be paying $250 more a month for your basic expenses.

And the only way to stay above water is by knowing how to trade it…

Which is exactly what Garret and I talked about today.

Garrett’s trading energy by looking at pipelines like Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (NYSE:EPD).

And after hearing his $28 target on the stock, I added it to my own list – because I’m looking at five energy stocks in particular that are rising with oil prices.

I even gave a trade on one of them…

A replay of today’s Emergency Energy Summit will be available right here before the end of the day.

But look – this is an urgent matter. The only thing keeping Russia from invading Ukraine is the Winter Olympics.

China is a major Russian ally, and they won’t let a war happen while hosting the Olympic games. But the games are almost over – and soon, nothing will be there to stop the world’s third-largest oil provider from declaring war…

Which is only going to send prices SOARING.

There isn’t much time to waste here. So instead of waiting the entire replay, you can click here now to see the reveal of my top five oil stocks.

And then, if you take advantage of this quarterly offer before Friday, you can join every one of my live trading sessions for the next three months…

And ride oil all the way to $100 a barrel – and beyond – while raking in profits.

Listen to Big Cap – and click here now to jump on this quarterly offer. After Friday at 2PM, this order form will redirect to a higher price…

And I don’t know when this quarterly offer will return.

I hope to see you in the room at 2PM tomorrow,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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