My VIX light turned green today – and I just went live to walk you through what’s about to be a volatility storm.

See, a green light means one thing. The VIX is about to move higher… fast.

When the VIX is high, fear is high. And the market moves lower, draining cash from ill-prepared investors’ wallets.

But that’s not going to be you. Because I showed you exactly how to play rising volatility for a profit.

And as promised, here are all the details of today’s live trade recommendation:

Buy-to-Open the UVXY January 2022 $20 put for less than $6.00

See, a green light might mean fear is high. But you? You don’t have to be scared. Because to us, the green light means there’s a profit opportunity to be had.

And we’re taking advantage of it.

You can catch a replay of today’s live event shortly on the Profit Takeover media page. You can also start tracking this trade in the portfolio once it fills.

We’ll watch this trade closely – just as close as I’m watching the VIX. And the moment it’s ripe with an asymmetric return, I’ll let you know.

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Happy trading,

Mark Sebastian


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