Mega-Cap Earnings Could Reverse the Market

Finally, we’re teetering on a yellow VIX light.

Futures are back in a contango. The VVIX is dropping. And volatility seems to be deflating.

But we’re not there quite yet – my light is still green today…

Because there’s a major market catalyst on the horizon that could change everything – and that’s megacap earnings.




All three of these FAANG stocks report this week.

If earnings are decent, we could see a sub-20 VIX by the end of the week.

But if they’re bad, we could see volatility ricochet higher again.

That’s why we need to be able to play both sides of the market.

With my volatility trading plan, you can see the chance to profit before and after earnings… whether they take the stock up or down.

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Fade the Run in XOM & HOOD

All three of these stocks are shooting higher post-earnings – but I’m not looking to play that bullish trend on all of them.

  1. United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE:UPS)
  2. UPS blew the door off earnings this morning, reporting record numbers and forecasting 2022 revenue that was well above expectations. They also increased their quarterly dividend by almost 50%, shooting the stock 14% higher as I type.

    This has an effect on all transportation stocks across the industry, which will bleed bullish into rails as well.

    I want to wait and see how options trade, but this one is on my radar for a post-earnings bullish trade.

  3. Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM)
  4. XOM topped earning estimates as well this morning, reporting an 80% increase in revenue as oil and gas prices rose.

    The stock is soaring this morning… but it may have gone too far too fast. And I think we could see a fade here – so I might look to buy puts on this rising name before it reverses.

  5. Robinhood Markets Inc. ((Nasdaq:HOOD)

HOOD has had a nice run post-earnings, up 7.7% in the past five trading days:

HOOD Jan-Feb 2022

But the gig might be up. I’m looking to buy puts to play a reversal in HOOD.

10X Your Cash on Friday’s Close

Friday’s Profit Revolution trading session was one to remember.

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Apple Google Office 365 Outlook Yahoo

Big Money Is Back on This Video Game Merger

Remember the Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq:ZNGA) and Take Two Interactive Software Inc. (Nasdaq:TTWO) merger?

Last month, we saw a big-money trade on TTWO after the merger.

Now, we’ve got one on ZNGA:

This customer sold a put and bought a call spread, paying just 32 cents total.

It’s a bullish trade – and this customer is looking for a clear run higher in ZNGA.

ZNGA had a massive jump early this year, but it’s traded relatively sideways since then:

ZNGA 2022

But if you want to see where ZNGA is headed, then you’ve got to look at TTWO.

After taking a dip at the start of the year, TTWO has actually been moving higher:

TTWO 2022

Right now, TTWO is about 11% higher from its 2022 low, And if TTWO continues to move higher, ZNGA could make a run at $9.50 – $10, making this big money trade a smart one to piggyback.

I’ll be live again tomorrow at 10:30 AM for an hour-long Profit Takeover trading show… right here in the main room.

See you then,

Mark Sebastian


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