Dear Profit Takeover reader,

My most accurate trading strategy all year is also one of the easiest ways to profit.

I call it harnessing Big Money Flowand it’s currently my favorite strategy since I’ve won every trade so far this year but one.

Here’s my step-by-step process to flip a profit on someone else’s million-dollar win.

For example – this week, I analyzed some sizzling Big Money Flow in GOOGL with none other than the great Olivia Voz:

That’s how I’ve profited on nearly every trade so far this year… and I do this analysis every single weekday to find the top trades every week…

Here’s my track record for the Inside Money Trader show since the start of the year:

Take advantage of my wildly successful Big Money Flow analysis on insider trades, and sign up right here. 

You won’t want to miss next week’s winners. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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