Post-Super Bowl SoFi Trade

AAPL just broke a key level…

SOFI is prime for a post-Superbowl trade…

And OXY is benefitting from rising oil prices.

  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

Every time AAPL dips below $170, it’s a buying opportunity – and that’s exactly what just happened.

I’d definitely go long AAPL here before it breaks higher again.

  1. SoFi Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq:SOFI)

Post-Superbowl, we could see some traders stepping in to potentially big this stock up…

And I think we might be looking at another run back up to $14 in SOFI:

  1. Occidental Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: OXY)

OXY saw a really strong move last week:

From here, we should pull back. I might set up a nice long put, but I’d stick to the near-term looking for sub-$40.

The VIX’s Disconnect

Green Traffic LightThe VIX light is back to green to kick off the week – meaning volatility could go up from here, even higher than the 29 we see today.

See, just last week, the VIX was at 20. Nine points later, and the VIX could jump even more from here.

But even if volatility spikes, that doesn’t necessarily mean the market will crash.

We could see a decent disconnect between the market and the VIX today thanks to hedging.

See, tensions between Russia and Ukraine have traders everywhere hedging their bets. That means they’re preparing for a potential sell-off by buying puts.

And as they drop a ton of cash on puts, the VIX goes up… even if the S&P doesn’t go down.

Hedging could cause the VIX to break correlation with the S&P this week.

Uber Won’t Be Soft Much Longer

Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE:UBER) has been soft – but big money is starting to step in and buy options:

This trader bought 5,000 of the UBER March 11, 2022 $40 calls for 69 cents per contract, paying a total of $345,000 on a bet that UBER will gain $5 in the next month.

Almost all of UBER’s big-money players have been on the bullish side.

And they’re not alone – I think we could be due for a move higher here in the next few days, and in my Profit Revolution room today at 2PM ET, I’m looking for a sub-$1 UBER trade for an official recommendation.

Want to join? Call my team at 877.212.9163 and they can give you access to today’s live session.

I hope to see you there,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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