The market and the VIX is currently reflecting known unknowns. 

The Fed is raising rates – but we don’t know by how much…

We are headed into a recession – but we aren’t sure how bad it will be…

There’s war and an energy crisis – but we can’t foresee exactly how that will affect the world’s economies. 

In a horror film, the anticipation of the unknown is the worst part, but for the case of the current market, at least we know what we don’t know. 

Fortunately, now, the VIX is accounting for market volatility – not anticipatory fears.

Back when Covid hit, VIX went to 85…

We knew Covid was a thing, but we didn’t know anything about it.

Once we got a clearer picture, VIX calmed even as the market sold off.

This time, we have known unknowns, and that will change the way we trade and explain why VIX isn’t going to 80.

Here’s how I’d play the market among the known unknowns…

To play this specific market, I’d go short, short…

I’d set up a pair trade in the SPX and VIX…with an SPX put butterfly dated not very far out and go short VIX to hedge. 

But I’ve got another – simpler method that works no matter what the market or VIX are doing.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you tonight, during my 7:00 p.m. (ET) event – The Daily Double.

I can bet about $140 per day for the chance to double my money… every single trading day.

Just yesterday, in fact, this strategy handed me a 108% profit on a trade that only cost me $121…

In a matter of HOURS!

Tonight, at 7:00 p.m. (ET) I am going to reveal this daily strategy – so that you can use it too.

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I’ll see you then,

Mark Sebastian


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