I’m Not the Only One Hooked on Ford

The big money isn’t out of Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) yet.

Yesterday, a customer bought the January $21-$26 call spread 10,000 times for $0.92.

A couple hours later, another customer bought the same spread, 10,000 times, for $0.98.

Around the same time, another customer bought the February $24-$30 call spread for $0.62.

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Three different traders, and they’re all betting on the same thing:

Another leg higher in F between now and early next year.

Look, I’ve been long F a ton in the past month. And so have my Profit Revolution members.

Last week, in fact, they took a 122% profit on a 95-cent trade after just four trading days.

My lifetime members had the chance to take that gain too – plus an almost 50% profit in four days on their bonus, lifetime-only Ford calendar spread.

As a member of Profit Revolution, you get the chance to make profits like these with a new trade recommendation every single day. And if you’re a Lifetime Member, it doesn’t end there – because you get a bonus trade every week!

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Now, Ford is a favorite stock of mine – but I can’t give it the entire spotlight today.

Because Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Nasdaq:GT) looks like an unstoppable force in its own right, based on this big money flow:

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This is my favorite kind of impact money trade – when a customer is right and doubles down… or levers up.

This customer won on the January $20 calls, took their winnings, and put them into 6,000 of the February $24 calls.

They rolled up and out, betting on this thing going up even further.

Implied volatility (IV) isn’t overly high in GT right now, as you can tell in the chart below from my Asymmetric Trading System:

Click To Enlarge | GT Oct-Nov 2021

With the stock at $23, I might just look at buying the January $24 calls. They’re only about $1.75, making for an inexpensive way to follow this big money trade.

Is Zillow Back?

BAC is coiling, BTU is oversold, and I’m not bearish on ZG anymore.

  1. Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC)

BAC is coiling. Since dropping last week, it hasn’t gone much of anywhere:

Click To Enlarge | BAC Nov 2021

From here, it could break up or down. And I’m keeping a close eye to see which direction it chooses.

  1. Zillow Group Inc. (Nasdaq:ZG)

We talked about ZG last week after the company announced it was leaving the home-buying business and the stock got absolutely smoked, moving from a triple-digit name to the $60s.

Click To Enlarge | ZG Oct-Nov 2021

But listen – sometimes, when a stock gets slaughtered like this, sniffers sneak their way in, looking for a bottom. And from there, the stock can bounce. Maybe not to the level where it was before, but it can make a significant enough move for you to trade.

In fact, someone already is. Yesterday, 6,000 of the November 12 $70 calls were bought. These expire Friday, meaning someone’s betting on a short-term bounce here.

And I agree. I like ZG to get a little bit of a rally here. To play it, the December $70 calls are about $2.80.

  1. Peabody Energy Corp. (NYSE:BTU)

Down more than 32% in the past month, BTU is now officially oversold:

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And now, it’s time to think about going long. Because I think it’s just a matter of time before this thing finds a bottom.

VIX Traffic Light

Red Traffic LightWe’re teetering into yellow territory here in the VIX…

But we’re still looking at a red traffic light.

Last Thursday, we saw the fear index start to shift, rising alongside the market, which is never a good sign. From there, we’ve seen some real selling in the market.

I think we may have one more day of this selling, and then we’re looking for a potential rebound on Friday, the S&P hitting 4,750 by the end of the week.

So, we may seem some big moves in volatility over the next day or two. But overall, I think we’re going down as we head into next week’s monthly options expiration.

Something I didn’t talk about today was bonds.

Over the past five days, the iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF (Nasdaq:TLT) has risen over 2.5%. And I’ve got a professional bond trader, Bill Griffo, joining me during tomorrow’s Lifetime Profit Revolution live trading session.

While there, we’re talking exactly what’s going on in the bond market.

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Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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