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I am still traveling, but I will be back again next week for our regular shows…

Yesterday, I was able to listen in to some of Coach Brian’s morning training session.

Brian’s focus yesterday was:

Compounding your skill.

As traders, he said, we need to be active and intentional – and I agree completely.

And he shared an experiment he executed to see what traders could do starting out with a small amount of cash.

“You don’t have to have a bunch of money, but you do have to have a bunch of skill”

He then outlined how he went from $82.86 in this account to almost $1,000.

In a little experimental account…

Only Profit Revolution members have access to this replay…

But I get this question a lot, and wanted you to know that even traders with small accounts can still make profit and grow their wealth.

Brian also mentioned…

“Key relationships that happened at the right time, in the right season made an impact in my life.”

Surrounding himself with people who make $1+ million per month with multiple income streams makes achieving the same more real and feasible to do – because he can see and hear of it actually happening.

Strong words of wisdom from a wise and experienced trader.

We are fortunate that Coach Brian is part of the Profit Revolution team.

If you haven’t joined the Profit Revolution, and would like to learn from Coach Brian and trade with me when I get back next week…

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Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

I will be glad to be back to our normal routine next week.

Until next time,

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