I really shouldn’t be telling you this…

But I work as a double-agent, spying on big money flow to help retail traders profit.

I’m like James Bond and Robin Hood combined.

I like to look for 5-digit call/put moves, consider what other triggers could affect big money moves, evaluate the flow, and then decide how to either replicate it – or find an even better move.

Check out why big money flow is so profitable.

Here’s some big money flow I saw in CHPT recently:

This trader bought and sold 20,000 puts in CHPT – making $0.64 profit on each, THEN they doubled-down, buying another 20,000 puts that they think could give a similar return.

I pulled up CHPT in my proprietary asymmetric trading software – wallstreet.io.

CHPT is sitting at the recent lows – but I think we could see it move lower…

Since implied volatility (IV30 RED LINE) is fairly stable, it’s a good time to copycat the big money move in CHPT –

So, I walked through a couple different ways you might play it…

I followed the big money move on CHPT with this 10-day trade…

Trade Recap: Sell-to-open the CHPT July 22, 2022 $10 put at $0.22, buy-to-open, August 19 2022, $11 put for $1.00 creating a put diagonal spread.

Watch the full replay here if you’d like to see how I laid it out…


I also recently did a Portfolio Repair Crash Course

Which included tips to help traders protect their portfolio during the bear market.

One of the examples I gave during the course was how to execute “stock replacement” by using options…

And that just so happened to coincide with this big money play I saw in NLOK:

This trader sold stock, but then bought puts, and sold calls to emulate owning stock or going “long.”

Here’s what the trade looked like if you mapped it out:

It is still a bullish play, but without the risk of holding the stock.

This trader wants to see a strong move higher.

And if the stock were to go to the downside, they don’t lose until it hits $20.

Even though they dumped stock, they are expecting a higher move that will cover any losses from the stock.

They still want to participate if the stock takes off – and they are confident it will.

These are the types of SMART big money moves I am hoping to copycat inInside Money Trader…

Using simple call and put trades for $300 or less.

I’ll be dropping my first two official trades next week – following big money moves I like – in my Inside Money Trader room…

If you don’t already have access, SIGN UP HERE.

Following SMART big money plays has been the most consistent way I’ve been able to profit in this bear market.

And I’d love to share this opportunity with you.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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