Dear Profit Takeover reader,

I really shouldn’t be telling you this…

But I work as a double-agent, spying on big money flow to help retail traders profit.

I’m like James Bond and Robin Hood combined.

I like to look for 5-digit call/put moves, consider what other triggers could affect big money moves, evaluate the flow, and then decide how to either replicate it – or find an even better move.

Here’s some big money flow I saw in CHPT:

This trader bought and sold 20,000 puts in CHPT – making $0.64 profit on each, THEN they doubled-down, buying another 20,000 puts that they think could give a similar return.

I pulled up CHPT in my proprietary asymmetric trading software –

CHPT is sitting at the recent lows – but I think we could see it move lower…

Since implied volatility (IV30 RED LINE) is fairly stable, it’s a good time to copycat the big money move in CHPT –

So, I walked through a couple different ways you might play it…

I’m following the big money on CHPT with this 10-day trade…

Trade Recap: Sell-to-open the CHPT July 22, 2022 $10 put at $0.22, buy-to-open, August 19 2022, $11 put for $1.00 creating a put diagonal spread.

Watch the full replay here if you’d like to see how I laid it out…

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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