Dear Reader,

Apple has been blowing up this week.

I’m talking about more than 15% in the past month – and that’s including Black Friday’s market crash.

In less than a week, AAPL has gone from a $161 stock to $175 in a massive bullish jump after trading in a range throughout the beginning of the month.

And this big-money trader doesn’t think it’s done yet:

We’re looking at a March 2022 call sweep here. A customer bought almost 32,000 of the March $200 calls, paying $2.50 per contract.

That’s almost an $8 million trade betting on AAPL finally breaking $200.

But I disagree.

I think Apple is way overbought. And I’m looking to fade it.

Why should you trust me – and not this $7 million trader? Well, I’ve done pretty well when it comes to Apple…

Just ask my Profit Revolution members:

I invested $58 in AAPL and made 210% after one day! I can’t wait to reinvest this cash.” – Victoria G.

Apple is a $175 stock – but Victoria traded it for $58… and made more than triple her investment.

I made 200% on AAPL with $644.45. And it only took two days! Profit Revolution has helped me live better financially.” – Carlos C.

That means Carlos turned $644 into $1,932 in only 48 hours, all thanks to a Profit Revolution trade recommendation.

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So… how am I fading Apple this week?

Apple’s move has been nasty this week. And I think it’s going to give away some of this week’s price action.

The simplest way to play a reversal in Apple? A put.

And the December 10 $165 puts are only $0.14… and they have the potential to cash out by tomorrow!

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


One response to “I’m Fading Apple’s Nasty Price Move”

  1. Thanks Mark,
    Agreed and been watching this awhile got some appl around 120 went to 140 whoopie who thunk that it would pop toward 200 not me and was too late to get back in, Kenny says apple will go to 250 but i agree this slightly bruised but delicious apple is overbought big time and ready for a sharp sell of early tomorrow for some gains that are in desperate Need, so i can keep having some fun fun fun trading forward. YOU da man!!

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