Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Yesterday afternoon, we killed it in SPX again…

And I want to give you the inside scoop into our wins so you can see how they work.

I can’t show you all the trades we made (like the currently open puts) but I can show you the SPX plays since they are already closed positions:

So we were in SPX for $2 around 10:36 am and by 2:37 pm we were out at $6 for 3x profits.

3x in 4 hours is not too shabby…

And we will be trading SPX and XSP again today in the Profit Revolution at noon ET…

I will be on Voz’s Trade the Close show today too…

To look at some quad-witching plays together.

If you haven’t joined her Trade the Close show yet, check it out here

Like I mentioned, I am trading quad-witching today at noon-some crazy stuff can happen on these days that generates big opportunity! If you want to be there in the Profit Revolution, sign up here.

And if you want to learn butterflies with me, watch these videos:

Butterflies Part 1

Butterflies Part 2

And join me in the Profit Revolution right here.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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