The reason why following SMART big money trades works is because they know something we don’t know…

AND I know something they don’t.

People on the inside of these massive trades have direct information about where the stocks are moving – but they aren’t experts in options like I am.

I can watch their big-money moves… analyze them, and find BETTER trades to copycat their informed plays – through the lens of my expertise in options.

If trading is like a test, big money traders are giving me the answers, and I can relay those answers to retail traders like you.

These options plays work even with smaller accounts. You don’t need to be buying massive 10,000 volume trades to benefit from the gravity effect.

In the Inside Money Trader room, I recommend plays under $300 each – for instance.

This morning, during the Profit Takeover show, I walked through an example of a big money play I am looking to piggyback in PAYO during the next earnings season.

A buyer bought 10,500 $0.85 calls in August that were in the money before earnings…

Post earnings, the stock is up $1 and aggressively moving higher.

So the buyer made over $1m at the time I am writing this.

THESE are the kinds of move to pay attention to and remember.

So, when PAYO is heading into earnings next, in early November, you can bet I will be watching for the same trader to make a play AND I will be finding a way to replicate it.

I bought 3 of the $7.50 calls for August 19, 2022 just to see what happens over the next few days.

These three stocks also caught my attention with MASSIVE money moves…

  1. GSK plc (NYSE:GSK)

I saw some significant put selling in GSK – about 4600 puts sold.

As I write this, the stock is at about $35.53 – down only about a half a percent on the day so we may see a turn-around here soon.

I will be looking out to see if this put seller is right. They don’t think GSK is going much lower.

  1. Cano Health Inc (NYSE:CANO)

A trader bought about 16,000 December calls in CANO.

This stock will need to go up 100% to make money. It’s a very risky play, one that only an insider could make successfully, and one that I would be interested to follow if this trader ends up being right.

CANO is currently trading at $5.08, so I’ll be watching this name into December to see what happens.

  1. iShares US Real Estate ETF (NYSEARCA:IYR)

I saw major put buying in IYR – about 14,000 puts. Someone who fears real estate is dropping put a lot of money on the line to back up that concern.

To get all the answers, straight from the source, join me in the Inside Money Trader room today.

I will be sharing my next trade TODAY.

Sign up here or call Gabe and his team at: 877-848-3418 to be there.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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