We knew this week was going to be interesting even before the market opened on Monday to a massive sell-off.

I gave you three cheap options to play the sell-off…

Let you know when our VIX light turned green

And alerted you again when it turned back to yellow.

But while the market did its thing, I did mine. And just yesterday, I went live to show you something I’ve been working on for months

My Asymmetric Trading System.

You can catch a replay of the live presentation right here. But if you’d rather get right to the meat of the session, then read on…

See, I got a ton of questions about my trading system and what it offers.

It’s easy to look at a stock price and decide if it’s cheap or expensive. But options are different, because they are derivatives. Depending on the stock, a $20 option could be cheap, and a $2 option could be expensive.

That’s where volatility comes in. Implied volatility (IV) – where a stock is expected to go in the future – and historical volatility (HV) – where it’s gone in the past.

I use IV to determine if options are cheap. The lower the IV on the stock, the cheaper the stock’s options are. Then, I look at the IV compared to the HV. If a stock’s HV has eclipsed its IV, and IV is toward the lower end of its historical range, then boom – I’m in.

IV and HV are important indicators when you’re looking for cheap options. But being able to see both on a single stock chart is hard. I used to pay $400 a month for software that could do that.

But not anymore – because I just created my very own trading system…

And this system shows me the IV and the HV on every single stock on the market:

I call it my Volatility Intel Indicator. And guess what – I’m making it available to users like you.

And I’m not charging $400 a month for it. This indicator comes free with a Profit Revolution membership.

Learn how you can join right here!

This is a great way to not just heed my trade recommendations…

But to find your own cheap option trades, just like Eric here wanted.

The value here is insane. Learn more here…

This is a problem that’s been following me since I first started trading.

I make a ton of trades a day. I’ve tried tracking them by hand, in an Excel spreadsheet – it’s a lot of work, and it’s not fun. If I stare at Excel for too long, I get a searing headache.

But tracking your trades is essential to becoming a better trader. You need to know how you’re performing – how much money you’ve lost, how much you’ve made, which trades were losers and which were winners.

It’s how you know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why I knew I wanted my newest product, Profit Revolution, to include a way for people to track their trades…

Both open and closed.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Check this out:

Example screenshot of Profit Revolution Trade Journal

This is exactly what I envisioned – and more. The Profit Revolution Trade Journal allows you to enter every trade, from the moment you buy it to the moment you sell it.

And then, it analyzes those trades. It tells you your total return, your batting average, and your “Profit Factor,” a comparison of winners to losers.

This is the key to keeping up with your trades…

And using them to make yourself a better trader.

I’m not the only one who’s excited. Check out what these guys had to say when I showed them how it worked:


Learn how you can start using the Trade Journal today – just click here!

Troy, I’ve been there – almost every trader has. But once I learned that it’s important to have a complete trading plan, everything changed for me.

See, you can’t just do a trade and wait for it to profit. You need to have a complete plan, from beginning to end.

Ask yourself: What do I do when I hit profit levels? What do I do if the trade moves against me? How much do I feel comfortable losing? What’s a reasonable amount I see this trade making?

Outside of a stock making a massive move against you overnight, which shouldn’t happen often, you should never let options expire worthless.

Always make sure to close your trades, whether they’re winners or losers.

Speaking of – our Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE:UBER) is deep in profit territory – so let’s close out of that one ahead of this afternoon’s expiration and head into the weekend with a profit!

Sell-to-Close UBER September 24, 2021 $43 Call at market.

Congrats! We got into this option for less than $1.00…

And we’re cashing out for over 100%. That’s exactly what we aim for with every trade recommendation I make to Profit Revolution members.

Find out how you can join – and receive up to five new trade recommendations a week – right here.

Have a great weekend,

Mark Sebastian


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