As Russia and Ukraine conflicts grow, most people are looking at oil prices.

And I’m one of them – but that’s not ALL I’m looking at.

You know that I’m a volatility trader. And that’s why I’m looking at the volatility of oil prices – with something called the CBOE Crude Oil Volatility Index (INDEXCBOE:OVX).

That’s right. Oil has its own VIX. And it’s telling us an interesting story…

See, over the past week or so, oil prices have actually dropped:

WTI Feb 2022 | Markets Insider

Yet, at the same time, the OVX has been climbing higher

OVX Feb 2022 | Google Finance

That means that oil isn’t done climbing yet.

Historically, oil volatility sits around 30. Right now, it’s at 55. And I think it’s on its way to 70 over the next three months.

We aren’t trading oil. We’re trading volatility – and when you’re trading volatility, you don’t buy low and sell high…

You buy high… and sell higher.

Which is exactly what I’m doing for the next 90 days in the Profit Revolution.

See, oil prices aren’t just volatile in and of themselves. They’re also making oil stocks volatile – and you know that volatility breeds opportunity for asymmetric trades.

That’s why I’m spending every trading day in the Profit Revolution room looking for trades on these five oil stocks.

And you can join me – starting TODAY at 2PM.

I’m going to find the best trade the oil market has to offer. And you can join me…

Not just today, but for the next three months… with this quarterly membership offer.

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  1. BP plc (NYSE:BP)

BP is down more than 3% over the past five trading days, despite posting record-breaking earnings a couple of weeks ago.

But BP’s problem isn’t oil prices. Its problem is geopolitical.

BP owns a 20% stake in Russia’s biggest oil company. The bearish movement you see in BP is tied to bad relations with Russia. But once things settle down, BP is going to go higher when the geopolitical bandage is ripped off the stock.

  1. Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM)

XOM just gave us a gift from the market gods in the form of a break below $78:

XOM Feb 2022

This thing is going to go extremely higher – especially as oil prices rise. I’m forecasting $85, even $90 in this name over the next few weeks.

  1. Devon Energy Corp. (NYSE:DVN)

Big money is flowing into DVN – and I’m piggybacking it. This week, in fact, I gave a call recommendation on the energy stock that only cost $1.40 – and I’m targeting a 100% profit by March.


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Green Traffic LightA green VIX light means volatility is headed up – and in turn, the market is headed down.

With earnings, SPX expiration, rising oil prices, and heated tension between Russia and Ukraine, investors are scared. And the fear index is reflecting that today with the VIX above 28 as I type.


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