230% on KSS since Thursday – Let’s Do It Again

  1. Kohl’s Corp. (NYSE:KSS)

On Thursday, KSS landed on my Watchlist as buy-out rumors circled the retailer. And during my live Profit Takeover show, I recommended buying the February 18, 2022 $57.50-$60 call spread for 50 cents:

Today, that spread is worth $1.65 for a massive 230% win.

I’d look to take some dollars here – during tomorrow’s Profit Takeover show at 10:30 AM ET, we’ll look for a reentry point.

Want the chance to make another 200%-plus on KSS? Make sure to tune in right here tomorrow at 10:30 AM ET.

  1. CSX Corp. (Nasdaq:CSX)

Despite beating earnings estimates last week, CSX fell into the red. But this is the perfect opportunity to get in post-report and take advantage of the low IV in the railroad stock.

  1. Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEARCA: XLE)

The strongest ETF of the S&P so far this year looks like it is finally starting to join the selling:

XLE 2022

We’re going to continue to look for shorts in energy stocks, especially as the market’s sell-off quickens.

Backwardation Nation – Prepare for the Vol Swell

This is the start of something that could be very bad.

The VIX is in backwardation – and that means markets are irrational.

March 2020, November of last year, fall of 2018… they’re all market crashes that were preceded by backwardation like we’re seeing in today’s VIX futures curve:

Every huge bearish market event over the last 20 years has happened after backwardation. That’s why today’s VIX light is green – a rare color that means volatility is more likely to go up than down.

That means you need to prepare. And this week in the Profit Revolution trading room, I’m diving deep into the VIX and UVXY to find the best volatility plays. Join us here.

This is the kind of market that rips cash out of investors’ pockets – don’t let that happen to you.

I’m taking off almost all of my long positions. You’ve got to be careful in this market…

And when volatility is swelling like this, you don’t want to be long – you want to be short. That’s where the real money comes from.

You can also buy options on the VIX or UVXY for some quick, short-term day trades.

We’re looking at a steady rise in volatility – and it’s building towards some real panic in the market.

$2.2 Million Protection Trade

Traders are going for any protection they can get right now – and an example of that is this almost 70,000 contract VIX call:

These most likely won’t end up in the money. I don’t see the VIX going all the way to triple digits in less than a month.

But these could get very profitable very quickly if the VIX keeps going higher, which it looks like it wants to.

And that’s exactly the kind of volatility play we’re looking at this week in the Profit Revolution trading room as the market continues selling off.

There’s still time to join today’s trading session at 2PM – click here now to sign up.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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