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Last week on Fed Day, February 1st, during the Profit Takeover, Licia Leslie, Head of Trading at Option Pit, joined me to cast her prediction for where the market would go once Fed news dropped.

Licia is a candlestick chart expert analyst and she pointed out the importance of intraday moves that form the upper and lower shadows in the candles – but that the open and closing prices are even more crucial since they create the body of the candle and demonstrate the true sentiment of the market. 

She is watching the cup and saucer formation in SPX – the S&P 500 – and bets that if we see SPX close over 4200 there’s huge potential for a wild rally. 

Here’s more on Licia’s idea of the next market move we could see:

I’ll be watching the market all week – so catch my analysis starting this Monday at 10:30 a.m. (ET) right here for the live Profit Takeover show

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