Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Earlier this week, I shared my SURE system to analyze million-dollar moves and make easy profits.

And the most important part of spotting and harnessing Big-Money Flow is #2:

Understand the Full Picture.

It is crucial to differentiate the winners from the losers and determine what is actually going on when I see millions of dollars going down on the table.

These big-money players have insider information, and when they are right – it’s the perfect time to jump in to make a simple profit.

Yesterday, Licia joined me to analyze some big money flow live on-air… 

We shared the dos and don’ts of how we both use this incredible money-making strategy:

We do this every single day. Here’s how you can join the action…

I drop two of these Big Money trades each week for the Inside Money Traders…

But only members are able to see those exclusive trades.

Our monthly live session is this Friday at 12:00 noon ET – join us before then, so we can take profit on Friday

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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