Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Yesterday was the wildest trading day of the year.

My colleague, Licia Leslie, joined me yesterday to share her expertise in candle analysis and she and I both agreed that the market was teetering on the edge of making up its mind – and boy did make up its mind through the afternoon.

It wasn’t a major “Fed-Day,” but we called it a Mini-Fed because Jerome Powell spoke at Brookings Institute. 

The volatility that followed his talk gave traders no less than three opportunities to make insane profits.

Here’s how we took advantage of three different trading moments to make 100%, 200%, and 1022%…

I meet with Expiration Traders at 2:00 p.m. ET every weekday, and during that show, the market was still all over the place but beginning to rally… 

I told them I wasn’t planning to post an official trade until a bit closer to the close, but I did send out a “riff” trade that did really well.

A “riff” is a trade that is unofficial, it doesn’t go in our portfolio, but I like the idea. I want traders to have the most opportunities to profit so I will drop riffs regularly to give traders even more ideas to make gains.

Yesterday’s riffs were: the SPX November 30, 2022 $4040-$4050-$4060 call butterfly for $0.50 or less, and the XSP November 30 2022 $404-$405-$406 call butterfly for $0.05.

Here’s what some traders said about the riffs:

Then at around 3:00 p.m. I joined Olivia Voz for Trade the Close and since the market was so volatile, we simulcast the show into the Expiration Trader room, so everyone there could get in on the action.

I can’t share the kinetically confirmed trade that we came up with together, which was for the live members only, but I can share the official butterfly trade that made 100%, 200%, and 1022%.

These were the official trades:

Open the SPX November 30, 2022, $4060-$4065-$4070 call butterfly for $0.50 or less. Exit half of your position at 100% profit, exit the next 1/4 at 200%, and let the rest ride. 


Open the XSP November 30, 2022 $406-$407-$408 call butterfly for $0.13 or less. Exit half of your position at 100% profit, exit the next 1/4 at 200%, and let the rest ride.

I am not kidding, traders made up to $5.11 on a $0.50 call fly (some traders got in for $0.35). If they exited half at 100%, ¼ at 200%, and let the rest ride to the close, they made a weighted gain of over 355%.

And if that wasn’t enough, I dropped an overnight butterfly riff in the announcements that traders took profits on this morning:

If you want to take advantage of major volatility to pocket massive profits, join us now and learn how to trade SPX and XSP.

You’ll have access to all the official trades, riffs, and overnight trades and we meet every weekday at 2:00 p.m. (ET). 

I’ll see you then,

Mark Sebastian


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