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One of the biggest tech names in the industry has been steadily failing over the past year… 

Take a look at the MSFT – Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) chart since 2021:

Image from Yahoo Finance

Since its peak in late 2021, MSFT steadily dropped – crushing through support at $325, then $300, then $275, and now it’s below $250 – and I think it’s heading lower… 

MSFT dropped earnings results Tuesday and EPS were down 4.67% – even more confirmation that MSFT is in trouble. 

When Olivia Voz pulled up the Volume Profile on MSFT this week, I had to jump in, because I think MSFT is going to $200 if the market falls. 

Volume Profile is an important technical indicator that shows how many shares of a particular stock were traded at different price levels over a period of time. On a stock chart, it looks like a horizontal bar.

Traders use Volume Profile to predict where a stock could trade in the near future based on how many times people have bought and sold it at varying prices in recent history.

Olivia Voz is the Volume Profile whisperer on Money Morning Live – and I trust her expertise when it comes to volume analysis. 

Watch Voz’s Volume Profile analysis and my prediction on MSFT right here:

This move could happen soon… and here is what I would do about it…

I think if the overall market drops, that will speed up MSFT’s fall to $200… I would be a buyer of cheap puts in MSFT. 

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