Another UBER Win for the Portfolio

Last week, we made a fat profit on our free Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE:UBER) Profit Takeover trade.

Just check it out at the bottom of the portfolio!

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That’s a 271% profit in under one month’s time. When we bought this option, UBER was sitting around $41.

When we closed it last week, it was $47 per share.

It’s had a strong second-half of the month…

And it looks like that strength is going to continue. I see UBER making a run at $50 soon. And options are extremely cheap…

Making for a great opportunity for another Profit Takeover trade.

Snag another asymmetrical UBER profits

Buy-to-Open the UBER December 17, 2021 $47.50 call for $2.95 or less.

Once this trade fills, you can track it in the Profit Takeover portfolio.

Mark’s Watchlist

  1. Draftkings Inc. (Nasdaq:DKNG)

Every time I think this gambling stock has reached a bottom, it proves me wrong, barreling even lower than I thought was possible.

This thing is dying by the vine. But DKNG isn’t doomed. The NFL season just started. Sports betting is about to boom, especially as legalization spreads across the U.S. Its last earnings report was strong, with a nearly 320% revenue jump year-over-year.

DKNG is going to find some footing here soon.

  1. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AMC)

The meme king is back on my Watchlist, baby. But not because Reddit traders are shooting it to the moon…

The short push we saw at the beginning of the month is over. Today, the stock’s trading around $38, almost 13% lower than it was a month ago. And it looks like it wants to head to $30 again from here.

We’re looking at a rough run for AMC over the next few days.

  1. Occidental Petroleum Corp. (NYSE:OXY)

Oil’s been on a V-shaped recovery that’s reminiscent of the post-COVID crash last year. Yesterday, Brent crude jumped almost to its three-year high. And as oil prices go up, they bring oil stocks like OXY with them.

OXY is up nearly 20% over the last month. But IV remains cheap – meaning so do its options.

In fact, on September 13, I recommended a 99-cent OXY call to my Profit Revolution readers that hit one of our profit targets just three days later, on the 16th. And there are more cheap options recommendations where that came from.

I actually just released my newly-finished Volatility Intel Indicator yesterday, showing Profit Revolution members exactly how to use implied volatility to find cheap option trades like that one on OXY.

Learn how you can access this indicator today by giving my team a call: 877.212.9163

Today’s Impact Money Trade

I was going to search for today’s impact money trade…

But instead, I’m going to let Andrew Keene do it for you.

Keene built something he calls the $50K Scanner – it’s a trading system that scans the market from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day, searching for impact money trades just like the ones that I tell you about every day in Profit Takeover.

If a big trader or institution makes a trade of $50K or more, Andrew knows about it – and it’s all thanks to his $50K Scanner.

He’s doing a live presentation tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET to show viewers exactly how it works. So, if you want to see where the impact money is today, make sure to tune in.

Click here now to make sure you get all the updates ahead of this evening’s event!

VIX Traffic Light

Yesterday, I told you what a contango is – and that curve is usually a sign that volatility is heading lower.

But today, the futures term structure is flat. The VIX remains high, around 22.8 as I type. Historical volatility is high as well.

All of these factors go into play when it comes to determining the color of my VIX traffic light. And today, the light is yellow.

That means we can expect to see some big moves here. Those could be moves taking volatility higher and the market lower. Or vol could drop again, the S&P rising up.

For now, we’re cautious. And I’ve got a close eye on the VIX as we enter the second half of the week.

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Mark Sebastian



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