NEW TRADE REC: Coca-Cola Could Hand You 150% by December

Today, I’m going to tell you about some crazy call buying in AAPL…

Show you a REPLAY from yesterday’s exclusive live trading session – where I gave a trade on FCEL that’s already a winner, less than 24 hours later.

And give you an OFFICIAL Profit Takeover recommendation on KO.

  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

We’re seeing the return of AAPL’s crazy call buyers.

Yesterday, 222,000 of the November $152.50 option contracts traded – plus 150,000 of the $150s and 69,000 of the $155s.

Between three strikes, that’s almost half a million contracts… which is absolutely astounding.

As all of this volume and open interest starts to build, the stock will rise. But that major volume strike? The $152.50? It becomes a ceiling.

That means we’ll hit $152.50 and then bounce. And I’m ready to play this thing on the way up with the November 12 $152.50 calls for about $1.10 or $1.15.

By Monday or early Tuesday next week, these will be in-the-money (ITM) by $1 or $2.

  1. FuelCell Energy Inc. (Nasdaq:FCEL)

FCEL has had a crazy week.

I mean, the thing jumped 19% from Monday to Tuesday’s open – and my Profit Revolution members had the chance to take a 100%-plus profit on a trade that was open for just one week.

But I knew that the high couldn’t last. And during yesterday’s live Profit Revolution trading session, I predicted a drop in FCEL:

After that, I gave my viewers a BONUS put trade. Today, as I type, the stock is down almost 3%. And that put trade is up nearly 20%.

If you’d been in yesterday’s live room, then you could’ve been on the right side of FCEL.

But it’s not too late to get into my next trade.

I’m live every day at 2PM ET for Profit Revolution members – join me in tomorrow’s session!

  1. Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE:KO)

KO reported nice earnings last week on the 27th, beating analyst expectations and raising its forward outlook – a move that sent the stock higher into the end of the week.

Implied volatility (IV) on this name is super cheap, as you can see in the chart below from my Asymmetric Trading System, where the IV is represented by the blue line:

KO Oct22-Nov3, from my Asymmetric Trading System

Right now, the stock is coiling – and it might make a move to $60 per share by the end of this month.

So, I’ve an OFFICIAL Profit Takeover trade for less than $1 to ride the wave higher:

Buy the KO December 10, 2021 $56 calls for $0.80 or less.

Once this trade fills, you can track it in the Profit Takeover portfolio.

I’m targeting a $2 exit on this trade, which would make for a 150% profit!

Big Money Is BACK In ZNGA

I’ve been soft on Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq:ZNGA) – but now, I’m bullish again.

And this is why –

Click To Enlarge

The time to get into ZNGA is when the big money starts flowing. And we’re looking at a straight-up bullish call spread here, with someone buying the March $8 calls and selling the March $10 calls against it.

At under a $1 debit, this is a relatively low-dollar trade on ZNGA making a run at the $10 level by March of next year.

The big-money buyers on ZNGA have been so right on these calls. Last time, they bought the $7-$9 spread and the stock immediately shot to nine bucks.

I think we’re going to see even more big money flow in ZNGA today – and I’m definitely recommending that we cash in.

The January calls are even cheaper than what we’re seeing here. The January 21, 2022 $8 calls are only $0.45.

This stock is going to make a breakout in the next few days, and this is a real opportunity to jump in.

VIX – Crashing to Post-Pandemic Lows

Yesterday was a rough day for volatility, the VIX falling below 16 while the S&P grew higher.

So, I did a little digging…

And I found something pretty fascinating.

I compared the VIX curve on August 30 with the VIX curve we see today. On August 30, we were about the same number of days away from monthly expiration as we are now.

The VIX back then was at about the same level it is now, around 16. But the September VIX futures were trading 2.7 points above the cash index…

Whereas today, the VIX futures curve is less than two points away from the cash index.

2.7 compared to 2 doesn’t sound like a big difference. But this is actually huge –

Red Traffic LightLook, the market has been meandering higher. I think this FOMC is going to be a non-event.

And I see the VIX crashing to sub 15. If not by Friday, then by early next week.

Post-pandemic lows are coming – and the market will rise higher as the VIX bottoms out.

If you want LIVE trade ideas, then tune into my Profit Takeover show tomorrow at 12 PM ET. Click here to add the event to your calendar!

I’ll see you then,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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