Investors Are Tanking DKNG – For No Reason

Chinese stocks have been all over the news ever since the government cracked down on private education, sending a number of names crashing…

And keeping my money far, far away from any Chinese stocks.

Now, these names are back in the headlines – but not for education. This time, all focus is on Macao – the only region in China where gambling is legal.

Yesterday, Macao announced a 45-day “public consultation.” Code for potential government regulations, as far as most investors are concerned. Sands China, Wynn Macao, MGM China – they all fell more than 26% on the news.

Along with these Chinese gambling stocks, Draftkings Inc. (Nasdaq:DKNG) got sold too. It’s down over 5% for the week.

But here’s the thing – investors are panicking. And they’re doing so without reason. The crackdown on Macao will hurt Chinese gambling companies, yes…

DKNG, however, has zero China exposure. Until recently, it’s been in a strong uptrend:

Investors threw the baby out with the bathwater here, and the sell-off won’t last long.

Now is the perfect time to play DKNG – before it returns to the uptrend it’s meant to be on. And I’ve got a cheap, $1 option for you to do just that – just like the ones I recommend five days a week to my Profit Revolution members.

Want a low-risk way to capture DKNG’s impending upside? I’m looking at the DKNG October 8, 2021 $65 call for $1.00 or less.

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Speaking of Profit Revolution – I’ve received a ton of interest from Profit Takeover readers. And I’ve gotten more than a few questions.

Which brings me to a special, featured Ask Me Anything segment.

Featured Question: Ask Me Anything

Well, Dave, the idea – and the goal – behind both Profit Revolution and Profit Takeover is essentially the same…

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VIX Traffic Light

We’re in no man’s land for volatility right now as we await Friday’s quad-witching day. Volatility is going to move – that’s for sure. The question is just in which direction.

For now, our light remains yellow as we anticipate wild moves either way.

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Mark’s Watchlist

  1. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

AAPL is tanking. On Monday, I told you why I don’t trust the stock – and I was right. Court ruling killed momentum in this one. It’s down almost 5% over the past five trading days, and I could see it below $145 by the end of the week.

  1. Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEARCA:XLE)

Energy is extremely strong this morning on supply draw downs. XLE includes some of the biggest oil and energy stocks in the market, and it’s on a run higher today.

  1. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (Nasdaq:AMD)

AMD is in a pennant, and it’s getting ready to break out. Yesterday, I told you about a big-time straddle buyer – and a decision will be made here soon, shooting AMD higher.

  1. FuelCell Energy Inc. (Nasdaq:FCEL)

FCEL had great earnings yesterday… but it’s setting up for a big fade-the-news move. As I type, it’s down 7% on the day.

If you want to see $100-or-less trades on names just like these, make sure you tune into my next Profit Revolution live trading session – learn how right here.

I hope to see you there,

Mark Sebastian


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