Every Friday, I answer a round of Ask Me Anything questions straight from Profit Takeover readers.

This week, I received an overwhelming amount of questions about the same thing:

Our portfolio.

I have a plan for every single one of our open trades. So, I’m going to dedicate today’s Profit Takeover to a complete portfolio review.

Our winning positions, our losing positions, and our future plans on each – I’m diving into everything.

Here is our portfolio profit plan…

VZ September 17, 2021 $60 Call

We have not just one, but two positions open on this trade.

I recommended this one because of both Buffett’s purchase and VZ’s overall strong fundamentals. And although the stock didn’t move as we expected, it appears to finally be waking up.

Earlier this week, VZ announced a partnership with Visa that may have been the catalyst we needed to get this stock moving.

That said, I have an exit plan. Right now, the stock hits at about $56. If VZ isn’t approaching $60 by the end of the month, we’ll bail on these calls and move on to another money-making opportunity.

F August 20, 2021 $16 Call

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – F has gotten away from us. The stock appears to have lost some momentum.

But remember this – the electric vehicle industry is still new. It goes through cycles of hot and not. And I think that we’ll see F become hot again in the coming weeks.

Again, however, if this stock doesn’t get a run in the coming days, we will at minimum reposition this trade.

AAL August 20, 2021 $23 Call

The airline sector has been trashed in the last two weeks – mainly due to the COVID Delta variant.

But these names are oversold. As I said yesterday, I’m still bullish on the airline industry. And as the hysteria dies down, we could see these names – AAL included – catch a quick bid.

If we don’t, however, we have a week or two left before we cut bait on this name.

UUP August 20, 2021 $25 Put

The strong move in bonds is killing this trade as general market fears cause the dollar to rise. Simply put, this trade’s story has changed. Now that it’s approaching a 50% loss, let’s kill it and move onto the next.

Here’s what to do:

Sell-to-Close the UUP August 20, 2021 $25 Put at market.

SLV August 20, 2021 $25 Call

SLV appears to be catching a little bit of life here. Keep an eye out for a quick shot above $25. From there, if it moves back above $26, we’ll take our money and run.

RIG January 21, 2022 $6 Call

These calls still have six months to go, and the oil story is just starting to play out. If OPEC gets a deal together, oil is going to $80 – and from there, RIG will make a quick jump to $10, moving this trade to a fast asymmetric return.

JWN January 21, 2022 $40 Call

Right now, JWN is in the middle of its anniversary sale. Its numbers were a touch disappointing, yes – but paper flow in JWN is starting to point toward some upside potential. That said, if JWN does not pick up by the end of July, we’ll kill and reposition this trade.

JPM August 13, 2021 $155 Call

After just two days, this call is already in the green. We’re targeting $6 here for an 80%-plus gain. Once it’s time to exit, I’ll let you know – keep an eye on your inbox.

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You can track all of our open Profit Takeover positions right here in the online portfolio.

I’m keeping a close eye on all of our positions – even if one falls into loss territory, remember that I always have a plan.

We’re after asymmetric returns here – and we’re going to keep raking them in, one by one.

Have a great weekend,

Mark Sebastian


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