Why would I want to take over Wall Street?

For decades, Wall Street has controlled the stock market. They got to the best trades before you. They told you to put your money in one place while they were putting their own somewhere much more profitable. They put so much money into stocks that they moved them, all on their own. Their money outnumbered yours, and they made sure you knew that. They overcharged you for fees. For decades, they ripped you off. And now, for the first time, you have the power to change that.

How do I take over Wall Street?

There’s no time like the present, right? And right now, everything in the financial world is changing. We’re witnessing a paradigm shift. For the first time ever, retail traders – that’s regular, individual traders like you – have enough power and money to move the markets. 2020 marked the year that a record number of people opened investment accounts and started making money on their own. And now, Wall Street is scared – and we’re taking advantage.

All you have to do is follow me. I’ll show you exactly how to take Wall Street’s power into your own hands by telling you all about the investing secrets they’ve been harboring for decades.

Who is Mark Sebastian?

I started my own career as a trader on the floor. And now, I’m continuing my career by destroying the exact business that made me. The moment I realized the vast discrepancy between my trading knowledge and that of my clients, I brought it up to my boss. I asked him if we could start educating instead of selling – and he fired me, kickstarting the venture I’m bringing you on today.

I’m not just an ex-Wall Street guy. I’m not just a trader. I want to be the man leading you in the fight for your financial freedom. And as a member of Profit Takeover, that’s exactly the journey you’re on.

What is a retail investor?

That’s what Wall Street calls you. A “retail investor.” Essentially, it just means you’re an individual investing your own money – not a hedge fund, not a big bank. But today, the words “retail investor” mean so much more than that, because we’re smack dab in the middle of what’s been called “The Rise of the Retail Investor,” “The Retail Revolution.” And when you pull back the layers, you’ll see that the rise of traders like you means the fall of Wall Street’s ivory tower.

What is an option?

Options are one of Wall Street’s favorite secret weapons. But they aren’t a secret anymore.

An option is a contract that gives you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset for a fixed price by a specified date. Essentially, buying an option gives you ownership over 100 shares of stock for a short period of time. There are two types of options: calls and puts. Calls give you the right to buy an asset, while puts give you the right to sell an asset.

When the underlying asset goes up in price, a call tends to do the same. A put, on the other hand, will go up in price as the underlying asset falls.

Typically, calls are bullish, and puts are bearish. Which one you use depends on your outlook on a stock.

Options are a great way to take advantage of market volatility – and turn it into fast cash. And by purchasing cheap options on large-cap stocks, we’re able to make asymmetrical gains.

What are “asymmetrical gains?”

If something is asymmetrical, it means that its two parts are not equal. When it comes to an option trade, we have two parts – what we put in, and what we get out. And in the case of the trading techniques I’ll give you at Profit Takeover, what we’re taking out is a whole lot bigger than what we’re putting in. And that’s the edge that we have over Wall Street. That’s why Wall Street is scared. Learn more right here.

What is the VIX?

The VIX is the CBOE Volatility Index, otherwise known as the market’s “Fear Index.” It’s a way to measure volatility in the markets. When prices are taking big swings up or down, volatility is high. When there’s little movement, volatility is low.

But the VIX isn’t just a gauge – it’s the best profit opportunity in the market. And it’s how I made my own fortune. Click here to learn more.

How can such great information be free?

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