The VIX: My Biggest Moneymaker in 20 Years of Trading

Most people know the CBOE Volatility Index – or the VIX, for short – as the market’s “fear gauge.” But I was on the floor when this product was created, and it’s so much more than that. The VIX is actually the single-biggest moneymaker in my trading arsenal. And in this report, I’ll tell you exactly how to use it to your advantage.

Asymmetrical Returns: The Secret Key to a Winning Portfolio

With retail traders growing at a rapid pace, we finally have the numbers on our side that we need to take over Wall Street. But how? Using a simple system that I call asymmetric returns, we can start banking more money than we invest in a matter of days. Are you putting your life savings into a mutual fund and waiting years past your prime to retire comfortably? Well, now you don’t have to. I’ll show you how to control thousands of stock shares for a few hundred bucks – and how to turn that few hundred dollars into a few thousand over and over again.

Build the Perfect Option Trade with Implied Volatility

As trading volume hits new highs, investors like you are single-handedly driving stocks to skyrocket, then free fall, then shoot up again. But it’s hard to touch these red-hot names without getting burned – just ask Melvin Capital. I’m going to show you how to trade the volatility that’s permeating the new financial world without adding any unreliable stocks to your portfolio. In fact, it’s just the opposite. By using implied volatility, you can build the perfect, cheap option trade to hand you an asymmetrical return.

The Double-Agent Strategy: Spying on Wall Street and Retail for Big Bucks

Hedge funds are watching the flow of retail money – your money – and using it to spot their next winner. But now, it’s time to turn the tables. We’re spying on Wall Street by using something called two-factor trading authentication to find 1) popular sentiment that’s backed by 2) massive money – the kind of money that can move stock and options prices. With these two boxes checked off, this technique can work every time.

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