I just went live for this week’s Profit Takeover webinar: How to Trade Rising Oil Prices.

It’s no secret that oil prices are shooting through the roof as demand grows in the post-pandemic world.

But I didn’t just go live to tell you about oil prices. I wanted to talk about oil stocks.

More specifically, oil trades.

In fact, I even released my #1 oil trade for the summer.

If you missed it, no worries. All the details of your newest trade recommendation are right here:

BUY-to-OPEN RIG January 21, 2022 $6 Call for $0.99

Once this trade hits about $2.00 per contract, we’ll start selling for an asymmetrical return of just over 100%.

And we’re looking for a move toward $7 by the end of July – so that could come as soon as a month from now, especially as oil goes to $80 a barrel.

You can also catch a replay of today’s webinar right here shortly. Because we did a lot more than just release a trade.

We talked about the drivers behind oil prices…

Revealed my top oil stocks other than RIG…

And answered questions directly from viewers.

Everyone knows oil prices are rising. But not everyone knows how to trade it.

Now, you do. That’s Wall Street-level knowledge, right in your back pocket.

We’ll track the progress of our RIG trade right here on the Profit Takeover portfolio. Be sure to check back for daily updates!

And the moment we’re ready to take an asymmetrical return, I’ll send a sell alert right to your inbox.

Until next time…

Mark Sebastian


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