The market is still quiet, but our portfolios are bursting at the seams with profit.

The first trade in the Inside Money Trader room just made 92% in two weeks…

I recommended the PBR November 18, 2022 $13 Calls for $0.75 on July 25…

Traders sold the first half at $1.06 on July 29: 41% in four days

Then they sold 25% at $1.50 on August 1: 100% in one week

And this morning sold the remaining 25% at $2.15: 187% in two weeks

All for a weighted gain of 92% in two weeks!

But PBR isn’t the only stock big money traders love right now…

, I saw some huge moves in PINS today… and I am looking for a piggyback play.

Watch my live breakdown of this PINS play here:


One big money trader made $25.1 million on Pinterest – and if I can find a good way to copy this play, I may set up a trade during my Inside Money Trader live show tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 p.m. ET.

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PBR, PINS… the list of the Inside Money’s targets go on.

  1. ChargePoint Holdings Inc (NYSE:CHPT)

Big money keeps winning in CHPT.

As I write this, CHPT is trading at $16.15…

Image from

And I think CHPT will continue its move higher.

We took off more profit this morning on a trade in CHPT from Profit Revolution and may continue this play as long as it is working.

  1. DraftKings Inc (NASDAQ:DKNG)

DKNG was on my watchlist last week too.

It’s continuing to fly higher, trading at $18.47 as I write this.

Image from

And I think CHPT will continue its move up to $20.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian

My Private Room: What You Missed

This just happened this morning in the Inside Money Trader room…

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