Dear Reader,

This morning, I went live with Voz to show you exactly how the market makers plan to take advantage of the market…

And the retail investors trading it

Come next week’s holiday!

In summary, the options that you’ll be trading on Monday are priced as if it’s Friday.

That’s five days in advance – meaning your options are cheaper than they should be!

So, when you sell your option, you’re getting less money than you should for it.

Sounds like a rigged practice, right? Those who watched my show with Voz sure thought so…

Missed today’s show? No worries – I’ve got a replay for you right here. Watch Voz and I explain exactly how the market makers’ plan works…

Now that you know what the market makers are up to, you have to wonder…

How do we flip the script?

Well, all next week I’m dropping trade recommendations that do just that – trades that take advantage of these cheap option prices so that YOU can profit just like the market makers.

Want to turn the tables on the market makers? Then join me.

I’m going to spend the entirety of next week going over this exact strategy. If you want to be there, then click here to learn how you can join the Profit Revolution

And stop getting RIPPED OFF by the market makers.

See you on Monday…

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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