Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Investors are having a rough time…

This is a trader’s market, and I hope you have a solid strategy to protect and grow your wealth in this bear market –

I have been salivating at the opportunities lately.

SPY is hovering around 400 so far this morning…

Currently at 399.88 –

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I still think that VIX could touch 40 soon –

And that would mean serious selling and panic in the market…

If that were to happen, SPY could fall to the pre-pandemic high – SPY was around 337 before the pandemic selling started –

But you don’t have to sit idly by and watch your investments deplete –

Hopefully, you didn’t get too much FOMO this morning when I was talking about our SPX win from yesterday…

I posted this trade in the Profit Revolution room at 2:25 PM…

And this $2 trade expired at $14.01 for a 600% profit in under two hours.

THAT is why trading is so important during volatile markets like this – it’s the only way to make any real cash when stocks are falling.

I stressed during the show – that as traders, we need to keep our emotions OUT of the trades –

And reminded you of the ABCs of trading – Always Be Closing.

Try not to celebrate wins and try not to mourn losses or missed chances…

There will always be another opportunity to trade –

And I found a trade this morning that I liked in LAZR – during the live Profit Takeover show:

Check the announcements right here to see that…

In the Profit Revolution each weekday, I search for cheap volatility trades under $1 –

And in addition, SPX provides 4 opportunities to profit – every single week.

Yesterday’s SPX put butterfly was one of the best wins so far – this was what some members were saying:

For calls in the Profit Revolution, we exit half of our position at 100% profit – and for puts, we exit half of our position at 50% profit…to make sure those wins end up in our pockets.

The SPX and XSP trades are a little different – for both call and put butterflies, we make the first exit at 100%, the next exit at 200%, then let the rest ride up –

If you want to learn more about how to trade SPX in the Profit Revolution, CLICK HERE.

Or to find out more about what else we are trading, check this out.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

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  1. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Apple has been hovering between $151-$152 this morning…

It’s currently trading at $152.71 –

Image from

If AAPL drops, so will the market…

  1. Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEARCA:XLE)

Energy is strong today across the board…

XLE is currently trading at $79.60…

Image from

I might play this quick rally if I can find some cheap volatility.

  1. SoFi Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SOFI)

SoFi tanked upon news of earnings yesterday, but might recover some today…

It’s now trading at $5.41 –

Image from

I’m watching to see evidence of a bottom here…


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