It is finally happening…

XSP, SPX’s little brother, is expiring every day starting next week. 

SPX is the best way to trade the S&P 500 – , because  rather than getting assigned stock at expiration, traders get the benefit of cash-settlement.

This means when you win, you get cash. In your account. The next day.

XSP is exactly the same type of cash-settled ticker, but it has one key difference…

XSP is 1/10 the size of SPX, which means if you can afford to buy 1 SPX butterfly, you could buy 10 XSP butterflies for around the same price.

This week, for the first time ever, the CBOE has added options on XSP that expire on a Tuesday – that’s today!

This gives us a BONUS chance to trade the mini-SPX at 2:00 p.m. LIVE in the Expiration Trader room every Tuesday…

Targeting 100% profits or more by the end of the day.

Next week, they will add Thursday expiration so XSP will trade every weekday, just like SPX. 

Now, this news could have a serious effect on your trading account – and here’s why…

Because XSP is so inexpensive, compared with SPX, traders can exercise more flexibility when taking profit. 

Buying more positions allows traders to take off profit along the way utilizing my 3-step exit strategy.

If you just buy one position, I recommend taking profit between 150%-200% profit, but if you are able to open 4 or more positions, you can take profit at 100%, 200%, and let the rest ride up for a potential profit of up to 900% into the close.

I love helping traders make money, and I really want you to get in the Expiration Trader room before the price doubles next week. 

On Monday, October 10th, I will be hosting a members-only Ask-me-anything session dedicated to these expiration butterfly trades.

So sign up for Expiration Trader now, and start writing down all your questions.

I can’t wait to see you become a successful butterfly trader too. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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  1. Mark I would love to try this but I can’t seem to understand how to do it I need lots of help I never traded before I know how to buy but not to sell or trade so if you or one of your team would consider helping me I’m gamed thank you !

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