Dear Profit Takeover reader,

Yesterday, I crowned the energy sector as the king of earnings…

These are the TOP 5 BIGGEST energy stocks I will be trading…

AND these are their earnings announcement dates…

CVX: Earnings announcement scheduled Apr 29, 2022
XOM: Earnings announcement scheduled Apr 29, 2022
DVN: Earnings announcement scheduled May 02, 2022
RIG: Earnings announcement scheduled May 02, 2022
BP: Earnings announcement scheduled May 03, 2022

We are essentially ONE WEEK AWAY from the biggest energy earnings week ever.

And BP is one of the names on that list…

Here’s what BP looks like in my Asymmetric Charting Software today:

Image from

BP is currently trading at $31.19 – and the red line shows that IV (implied volatility) is dropping…

Now, let’s back up the chart to show the LAST time BP posted earnings –

On February 8th, BP posted earnings for Q4 2022 and their EPS were down: -82.05%…

This is what happened to the stock and IV then:

Image from

The stock peaked right around earnings and then fell from about $34 to $28 in about a month.

And the IV peaked right before earnings then dipped to the lowest point – the day after earnings were released on the 9th.

IV determines a stock’s option price – so when IV is peaking, that means options are expensive – and that’s when you want to sell, not buy options…

THAT’S why it’s important to trade before earnings – so you can sell at the peak!

And this is one of the most important reasons why we don’t trade through earnings:

To make the most profit, we need to catch volatility at the perfect time.

My earnings motto is:

Trade to it, not through it…

Earnings season is one of the most volatile times of the year –

And I am going to reserve my best trades for the members of the Profit Revolution

Understanding volatility is going to be your key to making the maximum profit during earnings season.

And we want to trade BEFORE earnings are released, not THROUGH the report.

These partial positions in energy names have already made traders BANK in the Profit Revolution

Because I am a volatility expert, and was on the trading floor of CBOE when the VIX was built…

I see volatility as BIG opportunity.

Volatility = Opportunity

So this earnings season is going to be one of the BIGGEST opportunities to trade and make profit.

If you aren’t already a member of the Profit Revolution, JOIN US NOW to begin trading BEFORE earnings are revealed…

I don’t want you to miss out on asymmetric profits as we catch the perfect volatility wave.

I provide Profit Revolutionaries with specific trading instructions – for entries and exits on ALL official trade recommendations…

And I’ll be guiding traders to find options at the best time to make maximum profit this earnings season.

Do not miss this.


And see my live trading recommendations in the Profit Revolution:

Monday through Thursday at 2:15 p.m. (ET) and
Friday at 12:00 noon (ET).

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover


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Normally I just share this list with the Profit Revolution, but you get a sneak peek today. These names only have the strike prices that are CHEAP – so you can take a look at the direction they are moving to find a play:

  1. UVXY 12.5 strike
  2. EWZ 37 & 37.5 strikes
  3. GME 149 & 150 strikes
  4. RIOT 15 & 15.5 strikes
  5. AMC 18 & 18.5 strikes

I post a cheap strikes list like this every weekday in the Profit Revolution trading room announcements for traders to find cheap strikes to play on their own.

  1. UVXY 12.5 strike
  2. EWZ 37 & 37.5 strikes
  3. GME 149 & 150 strikes
  4. RIOT 15 & 15.5 strikes
  5. AMC 18 & 18.5 strikes
  6. MARA 21.5 strike
  7. VALE 19.5 strike
  8. FCX 50 strike
  9. TSLA 995 strike
  10. BBBY 16.5 & 17 strikes * SSR
  11. CLF 32.5 strike
  12. IWM 201 & 202 strikes
  13. NKE 131 & 132 strikes
  14. PBR 14.5 strike
  15. XLE 80 strike
  16. CCL 20 strike
  17. SLV 23.5 strike
  18. X 38 & 38.5 strikes
  19. XOM 87.5 strike
  20. WMT 157.5 strike
  21. DIA 347 & 348 strikes
  22. MS 86 & 87 strikes * PostEarn
  23. PFE 53 & 53.5 strikes
  24. DAL 42.5 & 43 strikes


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