Here’s the best kept secret of money…

Money has gravity – This “law of money” is the driving force behind the biggest profits in history…

I used this law to double my account in 12 trades over 67 days…

And I helped the Inside Money Traders take advantage of it this week.

I can’t share the full details of the trade, since it hasn’t closed completely yet –

but we followed some SMART big money in PBR, and traders had the chance to take 41% profit off after 4 days, and 100% profit after 1 week…

This law of money WORKS – it’s why so many wealthy traders continue to make profit.

You may have missed this trade in PBR, but I will be dropping another new trade this Thursday.

Join the room right now to see what the other members are saying and get your spot for the next trade when it hits.

Ahead of the vote on the inflation reduction act, which doubles as a green energy, save-the-environment package, we are seeing serious option trading in the electric-vehicle charging company Chargepoint (CHPT).

A trader that was long the $16 calls sold 90k of their position and rolled down 60k contracts to the $15.50 calls. That changes their trade from being out of the money to now being at-the-money-a more aggressive play that suggests they think a move will happen sooner rather than later.

If they are right, I may find a way to piggyback this move.

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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