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Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

Volatility Forecast.

We’ve been in backwardation since February 16:

That means that the cash index has been trading at a premium to the front-month futures for the past nine days.

Backwardation is not a good thing for the market. And after nine days of this, it’s safe to say that volatility will be here for a while.

Despite yesterday’s short squeeze, the market is not well. And any type of rally is likely to be short-lived – until the third week of March, that is.

We’re going to hit head winds as we head into VIX expiration on Tuesday the 15th

The FOMC meeting on Wednesday the 16th

And quad-witching on Friday the 18th.

This is the point where the market can rally.

But until then, volatility will continue.

That can scare you – or you can accept that all high volatility does is create opportunity.

And you can trade that opportunity if you have a plan – like this high-volatility energy trading strategy.


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  1. Energy Transfer LP Unit (NYSE:ET)

After falling yesterday, ET is on its way back up today…

And I think this energy stock (which is among my top 5) is headed back above $10.

  1. Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX)

We’re seeing crazy volume in the BSX March 18 $47 strike on BSX. This makes me wonder… is this company going to get bought? I’m keeping an eye on the news when it comes to BSX.


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