The Real Factor Driving
This Economic Crisis

Garrett Baldwin and I hosted an Emergency Energy Summit yesterday.

And good thing we did – because as I type, Russian military groups are only 31 miles from the Ukraine border.

If Russia and Ukraine go to war, it could wipe out Russia as an oil supplier – and the country makes up nearly 11% of the world’s supply.

Demand isn’t going anywhere – but supply could take a major cut. Meaning oil prices will skyrocket.

During yesterday’s event, Garrett and I shared crucial insight about the current state of the energy sector.

We talked about Russia, commodities, and ETFs…

And what you can expect to see in the months ahead.

But maybe most importantly –

I revealed how oil and the market are related and how we can profit from this information as traders.

Here are the top 5 energy stocks I covered:

You’ll have to CLICK HERE to watch the replay if you missed it…

But tomorrow, I’m going live AGAIN – because already, things have changed.

At 9:30 AM ET, immediately after opening bell, I’m covering EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OIL as Russian tensions grow.

Don’t miss it. Click here to add this event to your calendar

But really, you shouldn’t even wait that long.

Because the oil trading opportunities are here right now…

Right in front of you.

My Profit Revolution traders have already made money trading my top oil stocks…

60% on BP in 8 days and 60% on ½ of ET in 3 days… and we’re letting the second half ride higher as oil prices soar.

The time to play oil is NOW – because for the next three months, prices are only going one direction – up.

And at 2PM today, that’s exactly what I’m doing in the Profit Revolution live room.

For a limited time – until Friday – we are offering a SPECIAL QUARTERLY OFFER so you can join us during this heavily volatile time.

I will be looking for asymmetric trades and sharing education so that members of the Profit Revolution can learn to trade like the pros.


Here’s what Profit Revolution members are saying:

If you have any questions, call Gabe and his team at: 877-212-9163 or CLICK HERE to find out more.

Hope to see you TODAY AT 2PM in the Profit Revolution.

Until then,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Takeover

Volatility Forecast

Green Traffic LightThe VIX is moving higher today as Russian troops move closer and closer to the Ukraine border.

As I type, the VIX is almost 10% higher at 26. The VIX curve is flat, threatening backwardarion – and if things really start to fall apart on the Russia-Ukraine front, then we could easily see the VIX back at 30 by the end of the day.


Tomorrow, 2/18 @ 9:30 AM: Live Oil Breakdown with Brian King


  1. Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR)

Palantir’s revenue topped expectations this morning but its earnings fell short – and the stock is down more than 10.6% as I type.

It might be time to put in a bid on PLTR.

  1. Roblox Corp. (NYSE:RBLX)

After an earnings miss, RBLX closed down 26% yesterday. The stock is likely to get some sort of bounce on oversold levels this week, and I’d consider going long here if you want to buy low and sell high.

  1. Energy Transfer LP Unit (NYSE:ET)

ET crushed earnings – which is no surprise, considering the way oil prices are rising. The stock is mildly higher today, and if the market wasn’t down 1.5% then we’d likely be up even more. ET is an important one to watch.


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