Dear Profit Takeover reader,

This week I am hyper-focused on earnings season – the time of year when earnings determine whether a stock will pop or drop…

And traders win or lose based on their wagers pre-earnings…



I have a much better strategy than guessing how earnings results will affect stocks. 

And if you are new to me you may not have heard my earnings mantra:

Trade to it, not through it.

Here’s how I harness these six words to make a profit BEFORE earnings even drop…

Rather than guessing and waiting to see how stocks react to earnings, I like to take a strategic approach to profit before and after earnings are released. 

Before earnings, a stock is likely to rise or fall based on anticipation of what earnings numbers will reveal about the company. 

AND I can clearly see this anticipation based on what big money is doing.

For example…

I saw a TON of bullish big money flow in Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) on December 29th, so the next day in the Profit Revolution, when F popped up on my cheap options scan, I recommended some calls in F for $0.68 – pre-earnings – that made over 50% gain in 10 days. 

I will be finding more trades like this one in the Profit Revolution as my pre-earnings strategy: Trade to it, not through it.

Join me right here. 

Until next time,

Mark Sebastian


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