I am having an absolute ball at the Money Morning LIVE Summit…


And if you know me at all, then you know that pun was intended.

But we aren’t spending all weekend drinking beers and watching the Cubs lose (please, don’t remind me.)

No – we’re LIVE TRADING – in person, with all Money Morning LIVE viewers.

And you can watch – for free – from the comfort of your own home.

None of these folks are in Chicago – but they’re all taking part in today’s sessions:


We’re livestreaming every single session straight from Chicago right here.

You can find the rest of the Money Morning LIVE Summit Schedule right here.

But this is the presentation that I’m most excited for…

At 2:00PM ET tomorrow, Voz, Kenny, and I are going to talk about Expiration Day Options.

This is where I’ll detail my same-day volatility trading strategy…

The one that has handed my Profit Revolution members same-day gains like 183%


And 281% in a matter of hours.

This strategy is about to get turbocharged – because today, for the first time, SPX options will expire ON A THURSDAY.

That means that we now have FIVE DAYS A WEEK to make these same-day gains.

If you want to trade same-day expiring options with me next week, Monday through Friday, then you’ve got to join the Profit Revolution today.

We’re offering a 300 for 300 bonus offer right now if you call 877.212.9163 .

But this offer expires at 10AM tomorrow.

So if you want to trade SPX with me (for $300 OFF!) then call 877.212.9163 before the end of the day.

Mark Sebastian


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