Today’s FOMC Meeting Could
Change Everything

The VIX curve is flattening.

We’re still in backwardation, and the VIX light is still green. But after two days of afternoon rallies, it’s dimming.

Even as VIX was topping for the past two days, VVIX, which measures volatility of the VIX, was falling:

VIX & VVIX 2022 | Source: Yahoo!Finance

I think it’s possible we’ve topped out – but not for long.

The FOMC kicks off at 2PM today. And Jerome Powell’s inflation and interest rate update could change everything.

Historically, the Fed can create some of the market’s biggest moves. And I’ll be live in the Profit Revolution room right at 2PM to trade the market’s reaction to what Powell has to say.

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My #1 Airline Stock

There’s a ton of money flying into the airlines right now (sorry, I had to.)

Check out these massive trades on the US Global Jets ETF (NYSEARCA:JETS)

These ratio spreads are a bit complicated – but know this…

They are all AGGRESSIVE bets that the airline industry is going to breakout big-time.

The JETS ETF, which holds airlines like Delta, United, American, Southwest, and more, has dipped along with the rest of the market the past few days…

JETS 2022

But as you can see, it’s already started to recover.

Omicron is expected to peak next month. And as the new COVID variant starts to die down in the spring, travel will pick up.

Instead of playing JETS like this big-money buyer, pick your poison in the airline industry, and you’ll most likely make money on the upside.

That’s what I did yesterday in the Profit Revolution with an asymmetric post-earnings trade.

I picked an airline hovering near its 52-week low…

Whose IV is starting to dip…

And who, according to my scanner, has options that are too cheap.

And I recommended a 90-cent trade on it.

American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq:AAL) is down more than 10% YTD. But it looks set to move higher by early next month…

Which is why I recommended a 90-cent call on the airline.

If AAL moves higher, this thing could double or triple by January 11. And already today, it’s on its way, with AAL over 2.3% higher as I type.

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Pre- and Post-Earnings Watchlist

  1. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT)

Speaking of post-earnings trades… MSFT’s fourth-quarter report came out last night.

The tech stock beat on earnings and revenue, and issued positive guidance for the future…

And the stock is booming higher.

Now comes the time when everyone who bought MSFT trades before the report starts selling…

Absolutely tanking the stock’s IV, making options way too cheap.

I might look to go long today or tomorrow – and I’m going to be all over this name in my Profit Revolution trading sessions.

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And I’ve got two more earnings names on the Watchlist today…

  1. Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC)

MSFT has already reported – and the next name on my earnings Watchlist is INTC, which has earnings tonight.

Options have been cheap here, and they’re only going to get cheaper post-earnings – so I’ll definitely be looking for a play tomorrow.

  1. IBM Common Stock (NYSE:IBM)

IBM posted their best sales growth in 10 years yesterday. And now, as traders sell the news, IV is tanking:

This is the perfect opportunity to buy puts – and that’s exactly what I’ll look at in today’s Profit Revolution trading session.

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I’ll be live for my next Profit Takeover show tomorrow at 10:30 AM in the main room.

Here, I’ll breakdown tomorrow’s VIX Light Analysis…

Big Money Flow…

And all the names on my Watchlist…


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See you then,

Mark Sebastian
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